Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Tutorial Maintenance

I'll be looking through each post, and see if I need to change anything, and the following changes will be listed below, so this post will be modified after each post that I modified. If there's any requests I missed in the comments of those posts, I will list them on this post, and get to them shortly.

Also, this post will be updated constantly, and when it gets to be too long to bear, you can use CTRL+F to find what you are looking for: Hybrid Strategies, Non-Full Clan Discussion, List of Fixes, and List of Requests.

Hybrid Strategies:
  • Shadow Paladins + Royal Paladins
    • This is one strategy I want to see run perfectly. Why you ask? The new Royal Paladin starter in Set 5 has an effect of which if a "Blaster" unit's attack hit when this card boosts the "Blaster" unit, you can add this card to your Soul, and search out 1 "Blaster" card from your Deck, and add it to your Hand.
  • Nubatama/Murakumo/??? Hybrid
    • Prevention, Discarding, and ??? all in one.
  • Bermuda Triangle/??? Hybrid
    • Soul Blasting into ???.
  • Great Nature/??? Hybrid
    • Continuously making sure the attacking zones are 20k+ or 21k+.
  • Shadow Paladin/??? Hybrid
    • Shadow Paladins + ??? makes for an interesting wonder.
  • Amon/BFD Hybrid
    • Retiring by adding cards to Soul boosts Doreen the Thruster and BFD (and any other Kagero's effects that allows a power boost by retiring an opponent's Rear Guard.)
Non-Full Clan Discussion:
  •  Nubatama/Murakumo/??? Hybrid
    • Nubatama
      • Preview: This archetype is basically one of two things:
        • If your opponent has more cards than you, you can use Counterblast 1 ability to make them discard from their hand.
        • If you have more cards than your opponent, your units gain additional power.
    • Murakumo
      • Preview: This archetype has been all over the place, so I'll separate them into seperate cards to explain what's actually going on:
        • Dueling Dragon ZANBAKU: This card prevents your opponent from riding more than one Grade 3.
        • Twin Swordsman MUSASHI: This card gains 2000 power if you have more Rear Guards than your opponent.
        • Left and Right Arrestor: These card gains 3000 power if the other card is on the Field in the correct Rear Guard Zone. I.E. Left Arrestor in Left Rear Guard Zone and Right Arrestor in Right Rear Guard Zone.
        • Archer FUSHIMI: If you ride him on top of a Murakumo Unit, you get to attack one unit in the back row.
  • Bermuda Triangles/??? Hybrid
    • Bermuda Triangles
      • Basically, they use Soul Blast effects to return one Bermuda Triangle unit to their hand. You do not need a Bermuda Triangle Vanguard to do this.
  • Great Nature/??? Hybrid
    • Great Nature
      • With either resting or Counterblast 2, they can gain power to get over a certain amount of Shields. For example:
        • +4000 will not get over a Shield.
        • +8000 will get over a 5000 Shield.
        • +12000 will get over a 10000 Shield.
    List of Fixes:

    Names and hyperlinks needed to be changed to the following cards: 
    Title of Blog Post needed to be changed to the following post:
    Other Miscellaneous Changes:
        List of Requests:
        • Cardfight!! Vanguard - Strategies II - Megacolony - Part 2
          • Request: Giraffa + Machining
        • Cardfight!! Vanguard - Strategies II - Kagero - Part 3
          • Request: Taking a deeper look into the Amber Series, with Heat Nail Salamander and Bellicosity Dragon.
          If you guys have a request for a Cardfight!! Vanguard deck, leave a comment. Anyway, enjoy!

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