Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Strategies II - Royal Paladins - Part 2

If you are still interested in Yu-gi-oh! Deck List - Chaotic Lightsworn, go here.


Picking out a Grade 0 Vanguard:
Pick Dorangal. This card gives you a hand to get a Grade 1 easier on the first turn, which is what you need for this deck.

Past Discussion:
If you recall Strategy II Part 1, the same strategy also applies to here, except you are focusing on Dorangal and Knight of Quests, Galahad only. If you want to look at the strategy, go here.

Treating Barcgal as a Grade 2:
Since Barcgal is banned from Starting Vanguard position, another alternative thought can come into play: “Treating Barcgal as a Grade 2”. With its effect to bring out Flogal and Future Knight, Llew, it’s an alternative way to bring out Blaster Blade. So, instead of wasting room for a 5k Shield Grade 2 attacker, you can have a 10k Grade 0 Shield/Searcher to bring out boosters for your cards so that you minimize the loss of cards.

Other Strategy:
Other than that, it’s the same strategy (with the addition of Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes and with the subtraction of Gigantic Charger) as before in Strategy I. If you want to view that strategy, go here.

Guardians are as follows:
Sample Deck List:

Grade 0:
4x Flogal
4x Barcgal

Grade 1:
4x Lake Maiden Lien
4x Knight of Quests, Galahad
4x Flash Shield, Iseult

Grade 2:
3x Blaster Blade
4x Knight of Truth, Gordon

Grade 3:
4x Crimson Butterfly Brigitte
3x Knight of Conviction, Bors
3x Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes

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