Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Hybrid Strategies - Blaster - Part 1 - Shadow Paladin as Vanguard Clan Unit

For the moment, I'm doing a three part post of Shadow Paladins and Royal Paladins, naming this the Blaster Hybrid.

What should you use as the Vanguard for Shadow Paladins in the Blaster Hybrid?
Remember the Phantom Blaster cards from the Cardfight!! Vanguard - Strategies II - Shadow Paladins - Part 1. Same units can apply here, but this time the chain will be the following:

With that chain, if you do ride Blaster Javelin, not only with Fullbau's skill, you'll get Blaster Dark, but also, with another way, with a Royal Paladin card from Set 5, and other Blaster units (Blaster Blade and Blaster Keroro). More will be explained in Part 2.

What should be the amount of cards that you can put in for a sub-clan in a Hybrid build?
The rule of thumb with hybrids is that you need to have a good, reliable, Vanguard without losing triggers from Drive Checks. For example, in this deck, the main clan is Shadow Paladin, so I put in all triggers for Shadow Paladin; however, you can place other clan units in this deck. The general idea for a balance for a sub-clan within one of these Hybrids is having 4 Grade 0s, 4 Grade 1s, 4 Grade 2s, and 4 Grade 3s (maybe); however, this balance for a sub-clan is not correct the majority of the time; however 16 units from the sub-clan should be the ideal maximum. It can be more for your ideal maximum. It can be less. It depends on the Cardfight!! Vanguard player.

Part 2 will mention the cards that I can put into this Blaster deck, that are not Shadow Paladins.

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