Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Strategies II - Megacolony - Part 1

Picking out a Grade 0 Vanguard:
Pick Larva Phantom Giraffa. More will be explained in the Strategy section.


How to avoid getting a bad hand?
Well, this is the reason why I did add Larva Phantom Giraffa into this deck. If you draw Pupa Phantom Giraffa in your opening hand, then you already have your Grade 1 and your Grade 2 already in your hand by just one card. There is still a chance to get a bad hand, but it's reduced due to this concept.

What's the Grade 3 strategy?
So far, I'm using Death Warden, Antlion for Soul Charging, and I'm using Master Fraud for Soul Blast(3) for an extra card in my hand.

Avoiding taking damage off using a Grade 1 card. With using Gloom Flyman's effect, you can force your opponent's backrow Grade 0 card to rest, when it hasn't boosted a RG attacker or the VG attacker if need be. This would cause less power to be distributed by your opponent while you waste fewer cards to block for that turn.

Using Counterblast(2) cards to force your opponent to not stand, what does that force?
It forces them to either waste a card, or potentially makes your opponent waste an attack/boost for that turn.


  • 12 Grade 0 Shields (10000)
  • 4 Draw Triggers
  • 11 Grade 1 Shields
  • 3 Paralyze Madonna
  • 11 Grade 2 Shield/Interceptors
Sample Deck List:

Grade 0:

Grade 1:

Grade 2:

Grade 3:


If you have any questions, leave a comment. Anyway, enjoy!


  1. Phantom Black or Stealth Milipede.

    Stealth Milipede is the "cheapest" 10k VG boost ever. And the most sinister one. It does not force you to be at an disadvantage, it forces your opponent to be at a disadvantage.

  2. @ Anonymous

    Even though Phantom Black is a 8000 Power Booster, it wouldn't protect me from such situations where I'll get hit more from facing my opponent's cards.

    As for Stealth Millipede, when you have it out, they can just leave one unit Standing and cause Stealth to not get the +4000 boost.

    Hence why I didn't put them in.

  3. Is it possible to combine the giraffa and Machining megacolony builds?

  4. @ Anonymous

    I'll take a look into it and see if it's possible.