Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Strategies I and II - Granblue - Part 1

Picking out a Grade 0 Vanguard:
For this build, it's going to be Guiding Zombie. He's the Granblue unit that you can call out as a Rear Guard when you ride a Grade 1 Vanguard. His effect also is when you add him to your Soul from the Rear Guard position, you can mill the top 3 cards of your Deck.

Basic Strategy:
The basic strategy is Superior Riding into a Grade 3 as a starting point for the Vanguard. So, let me point out the materials needed for Superior Riding:

Please note that you can use ANY Grade 2 Vanguard, not just strictly for Grand Blue. With this though, there's another strategy.

Alternative Strategy "Resurrection":
The alternative strategy is "Resurrection", with such cards listed below:
With such cards "resurrecting", you can have both Rear Guard attacks at 20k, constantly. Which causes your opponent to use 10k Shield and a 5k Shield, or 3 5k Shields at one sitting, which depletes their hands of Shields quickly, and cleanly.

With 16 Grade 0 Shields (10000) and 10 Grade 1 Shields (5000), you would have plenty of Shields to guard with for a duration. With Skeleton Swordsman as an interceptor, it becomes a 10k Shield, otherwise it's a 5k Shield. Also, the other Grade 2s are 5k, regardless if they intercept or they come from hand. If you use Gust Jin, you can block an attack completely if you discard a card.

Be careful when you mill a lot, because if you mill too much, and your deck goes to 0 cards, you lose the Cardfight. It's the one thing you need to watch for, in addition to, watching your damage, so it doesn't hit 6.

Sample Deck List:

Grade 0:

Grade 1:

Grade 2:

Grade 3:


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  1. I like this build, but is there a less grade 3 version that you know of, if you can't get three dragon skull's, because, sadly i only have one !!! Thank you.

    1. You could always have a Soul Blast/Counterblast variant of it. Spirit Exceed can work in that aspect, too, with Basskirk.

  2. Ah, thank you for your Quick and helpful reply,i'm sure ill be back soon lol, but again, thank you for your helpful reply :D !!!