Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Strategies - Kagero - Part 2

Picking out a Grade 0 Vanguard:
For the Grade 0 Vanguard, pick Lizard Soldier Conroe. Not only for his search effect, but also for his 5000 Power it has, which can run over a shield if need be.

For this, you need to focus in on Blazing Flare Dragon, or any boost that you gain for retiring opponent's units. So, for motivational purposes, you can attempt to Superior Ride into Blazing Flare Dragon by using Blazing Core Dragon's effect.

Some monsters get a bonus for having retiring your opponent Rear Guards during your Main Phase. Such cards are the following:
Some monsters have the ability to retire your opponent's units during your Main Phase. Such cards are the following:
We have 17 Grade 0 Shields (10000, except Draw Triggers are 5000 Shields) and 11 Grade 1 Shields (5000) to guard with. Along with the 12 Interceptors (5000), you have Wyvern Guard Barri, which you can discard a card to block an attack completely while Wyvern Guard Barri is in the Guardian Circle.


  1. Even though i'm just a newbie, i learned how this game works just by using this strategy...thanks for this!! :D

  2. Hi, I am sorry, but what would you suggest as a better alternative to exile dragon? IMO that card is just wrong, it feels weird to sac a grade 3 to retire a grade 0.

  3. @ Anonymous

    You could try Flame Seed Salamander. It's a re-usable trigger if you retire an opponent's Grade 0.

  4. :) thx, I added in heat nail replacing joka and flame seed. I have yet to test it yet. Hope it works, I like the idea of control ;)

    Do you think blazing flare can somehow work with amber? I have been trying and discussing with many about it, but it just seems somehow lacking.

  5. It's possible; however, the question becomes "would you have enough to guard"?

  6. Hmm looks like the amber and blazing flare series were made to best standalone. Which do you personally prefer? If I am more of a controllish kinda player, should I stick with blazing flare, or try to mix them?

  7. You can always try to mix them. Anything can be possible for Cardfight!! Vanguard if you provide proper support to the deck itself.

    For example, for BFD, you need the following:
    4x Gatling Claw Dragon
    4x Iron Tail Dragon
    4x Blazing Core Dragon
    2x Blazing Flare Dragon

    which you need support to add cards to your Soul, which is the following:

    4x Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara

    And typical retire stuff and other things for support. With Amber Dragons, you'd be focused on retiring during Battle. In combination with retiring on the Main Phase, you can consider making sure that your opponent has -nothing to use for blocking- you from retiring the rest of your opponent's units, forcing your opponent to either waste a lot of cards in their hand, or they lose all support they have on the Field.

    See what I'm saying?

  8. Yes you are right, the problem is guarding. The combined deck seems one that is all offensive and removal based, with no cares about defense, but it is also debatable that with enemy units removed, what is there to defend against. I definitely have to run more tests on it. So far what I gather is that it is aggressive and very risky.

  9. @ Anonymous

    Hopefully, you get good results.

  10. Thanks, And really like the guides you have posted so far.

  11. Is it possible to combine Hell Marquis Amon with BFD?
    it seems both gain power when they use the effects
    also, with doreen the thruster, it gains power if a card is moved to soul which can combine with Amon.

  12. @ Anonymous

    It might be plausible enough to work. I'll add it to the list of Hybrid Strategies.