Monday, December 19, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Hybrid Strategies - General Idea

This will be a short post; however, there's a few things that you need to know.
  • If you decide to hybrid a strategy, you should try to make sure that there's a base VG clan for your deck, so that you can run cards that can support it. For example, if you do run Oracle Think Tank Vanguard, you should run Triggers related to that clan, and clan-specific cards related to that clan. If you have two or more base VG clans, then running those clan specific cards becomes pointless.
  • If you do decide on running two or more base VG clans, then you should focus in on how much you can guard. If you run a lot of 5000 Shields, then, your resources will dwindle fast.
  • If you do decide on running a VG base clan where there is not that many clan-specific cards, you need to make sure that you can guard well with cards, and if it has a Soul Blast requirement, you should run 10000 Guards that add themselves from the Guardian Circle to the Soul, instead of being sent to the Drop Zone.
Anyway, if there's anything you guys want to add, leave a comment. Anyway, enjoy!


  1. Whats the ruling for playing TWO different clans in a deck? like say if i use a shadow paladin unit and boost a royal paladin unit will i be able to gain the boost???

  2. Whats the ruling on playing two different clans together? will they be able to boost one another? and what about the majesty lord blaster deck? there are blaster cards that boost other different clans in the deck is that even aloud?

    1. The only ruling to take into account is that when you get a Trigger, you MUST have one of the same clan on your Field.