Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Strategies - Royal Paladins - Part 1

Picking out a Grade 0 Vanguard:

Typically, players would go for Barcgal, since people would be focused in on it's effect of being summoned in a Rear Guard circle when you ride a Grade 1 Vanguard. Not only that, but it's effect allows you to summon Flogal or Future Knight, Llew as a Rear Guard. With Future Knight, Llew, you can Superior Ride into Buster Blade, when you receive one damage and your Vanguard is a Grade 1.

EDIT: This deck was made before Barcgal was banned from Starting Vanguard position in tournaments. If you want to find a Royal Paladin Deck that doesn't have Barcgal as Starting Vanguard, go to the Strategy II posts that I have made.

Basic Strategy:

With their swarm capabilities with such cards as Barcgal, High Dog Breeder, Akane, and Gigantic Charger, King of Knights, Alfred would be an optimal choice, since he gains a 2000 power boost per Royal Paladin on your Field. That's where they need to defend with whatever they got, since it'll take them 2 Shields to block King of Knights, Alfred's attack.

Another strategy is to gain enough Soul to do a Soul Saver Dragon's Soul Blast. With the Soul Blast giving your Rear Guards 5000 power boost, it'll become much harder for your opponent to block all 3 attacks. With that strategy in place, the only thing you need to do is Superior Ride to fulfill that requirement of Soul Blast 5. For a further clarity on a Soul Blast, if you Soul Blast with that set up, it'll go like this (as an example):
  • Blaster Blade gets sent to your Drop Zone first.
  • Your Grade 1 that you used as a Vanguard gets sent to your Drop Zone second.
  • If Barcgal is next underneath your Grade 1, then it gets sent to your Drop Zone third.
  • If Flogal is next underneath Barcgal, then it gets sent to your Drop Zone fourth.
  • If Future Knight, Llew is next underneath Flogal, then it gets sent to your Drop Zone fifth.
For Soul Charging, or if you have effects that send the specific card to your Soul, then it gets sent directly underneath your Vanguard pile (also known as your Soul pile). If I wasn't clear in the terms, then I'm sorry about that.

Well, there's 17 Grade 0 Shields (10000) and 10 Grade 1 Shields (5000). With that being said, there's 12 Grade 2s, with the ability to Intercept. If you have Knight of Truth Gordon, it can become a 10000 Shield, only if it's used as an Interceptor (which means, he has to be on the field of play). Otherwise, the 12 Grade 2s are 5000 Shields.

EDIT: Also, with Flash Shield, Iseult, I can discard a Royal Paladin to block an attack completely without fail.

Sample Deck List:


If you have any questions, leave a comment.


  1. I like it now where in the world can I play this game in America (Except Byond because Byond can go die in a Fire on a River Boat.

  2. The only game I know is on BYOND. For this game though, it seems like it's staying strictly in Japan because it is a young game. Once, it develops more, then it can go into the other countries.

    For the moment, you may have to deal with being on BYOND for a while before it comes to the other countries.