Friday, July 29, 2011

Card Discussion - Photon Shockwave - Part 3

Alright, here's Part 3 of the 3 card reviews from Photon Shockwave: (The cards shown below are from Shriek, so if you want to read through the set, go here.)

Temporary Truce
[Normal Spell Card]
Both players draw 1 card. Until the end of your opponent's next turn, all Damage any player takes becomes 0.

Long story short, it's useful in Exodia Library FTK, where you use Royal Magical Library to draw out your entire deck. Just another card to add to it, that's all.

[Normal Trap Card]
Activate only when your opponent declares an attack with a monster. Negate that monster's attack, and until your next End Phase, 1 face-up  LIGHT Monster gains ATK equal to that opponent's monster's ATK.

Well, this is a trap card version of Honest, except it's a bit slower. Makes you think that Honest may become banned very soon to the ban list, but who knows? The Honest + Armed Changer loop may be seeing its last days. Who can suspect the future?

Anyway, in regards to the card itself, it'll assist in LIGHT variants like Agents to stall your opponent for a little while. Regardless, it's a good card, but I would prefer Honest over this card.

Burning Fighting Spirit
[Normal Trap Card]
After activation, this card is treated as an Equip Card and equipped to 1 face-up monster you control. If your opponent controls a monster with higher ATK than its original ATK, double the original ATK of the equipped monster during the Damage Step only.

Slightly different trap version of Megamorph. In this case, it would be good replacement for some of the other cards that were used as a predecessor to this card, AKA Rush Recklessly and Shrink.

In the decks column for this card, I would use Elecs, because with their low attack, and their direct attacking capabilities, it would give the more power to push for damage. Also, you could use this card with a Cyber Dragon, then it can run over Stardust Dragon. Anyway, it's a good card under the right circumstances.


  1. Temporary Truce is also good in Final Countdown and even Cloudian Quasar. While I haven't tested it in Final Countdown, I ran some copies of Temporary Truce in Cloudians and it was good since it allowed you to draw for your key cards while giving you a Waboku at the same time.

    Also, what is the Armed Honest loop [o.o]

  2. @ Kamitsure

    1) Equip Light Monster with more ATK than Honest (which is more than 1100) with Armed Changer.

    2) Equipped monster attacks opponents monster, and you use Honest.

    3) Then, you use Armed Changer's effect to bring back Honest from the Hand.


    It can also activate when your opponent's monster attacks as well.

    1) Opponent's monster attacks equipped monster (the one that's equipped with Armed Changer).

    2) You use Honest and destroy Opponent's monster.

    3) Armed Changer's effect activates (because Equipped monster destroys an opponent's monster by battle) and adds Honest to your Hand once again.


    I tried it with Vylons, and it was just "Wow!", because of all the devastation it caused, and people were trying to stop Armed Changer, but in the end, Vylon Sigma kept on equipping Armed Changer from the Deck to the Field. (You don't have to pay the Equip Spell Card cost for it, because it doesn't activate, it just equips to Vylon Sigma directly.)

    Eventually, it lead to me to win because the opponent couldn't stop my advance.