Monday, July 25, 2011

Card Discussion - Photon Shockwave - Part 1

For each part of these reviews, I will do 3 cards per part, so that I can elaborate on each card a bit more than just doing a quick glance when doing 5 or more cards. At least, it'll give you more of an idea on what I'm thinking about when doing these cards, and in some cases, it'll give me an urge to make a deck on the principle I presented.

For now, let's talk about these cards: (The cards shown below are from Shriek, so if you want to read through the set, go here.)

Triwight Zone
[Normal Spell Card]
Activate by selecting 3 Level 2 or lower Normal Monsters in your Graveyard. Special Summon the selected monsters from the Graveyard.

The decks that I can see benefitting this card are "Law of the Normal" decks, Ojama decks, Skull Servant decks, and Gemini decks. The Skull Servant choice and the Gemini choice isn't as common as people might think, but it is plausable. For Gemini decks, you can Special Summon Gemini Soldier, which can lead you into  Special Summoning another Level 4 or lower Gemini monster. The Skull Servant deck, on the other hand, if you Special Summon those Skull Servants off Triwight Zone, you can Xyz Summon into Baby Tragon, and have the King of Skull Servants make a direct attack.

Just a few thoughts on it.

Evangelist of the Ice Boundary
WATER     **
If you control a face-up "Ice Boundary" monster, you can Special Summon this card from your Hand. During the turn you Special Summon with this effect, you cannot Special Summon Level 5 or higher monster(s). Also, you can Release this card to select and Special Summon 1 "Ice Boundary" monster in your Graveyard other than "Evangelist of the Ice Boundary".
ATK: 1000      DEF: 400

Perfect for Ice Barriers. (Obviously, Ice Boundary in OCG means Ice Barriers in the TCG) The first effect allows the Ice Barrier monsters that need another Ice Barrier to work properly. The second effect can be used to bring out a monster from the Graveyard that you can't typically Summon, but in accordance to the first effect, you cannot do both effects on the same turn.

...Maybe through some Special Summoning means (Not like Graceful Revival and Limit Rebirth, as an example), I may be able to utilize this effect to the best of the ability. I'll work on a deck to test this theory.

Tyrant's Desperation
[Continuous Trap Card]
Activate by Releasing 2 Non-Token Normal Monster you control. While this card is on the Field, neither player can Normal Summon or Special Summon monsters.

Rescue Rabbit and Triwight Zone fills this releasing requirement fast. It'll seem a bit good against some decks, but not all of them. Good side deck card, nonetheless.

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