Thursday, July 21, 2011

Game Analysis - Cardfight Capital

It is about time I showed you what game I've been playing on for the past couple of months, getting all these decks prepared, and learning the basics of Cardfight!! Vanguard, so that you, the reader, learned how to play from it. The game is called Cardfight Capital, and I said in a previous comment that it's a BYOND game, so here's the link:

General Discussion:
Right now, the general discussion on Cardfight Capital can be listed in three categories:
  • League of Legends, which most of the players play to pass the time.
  • Yu-gi-oh!, which they rant on how the recent series are bad, and how Konami released too many broken cards so that more and more players joined Cardfight!! Vanguard. This occurs rarely, so don't expect to hear Yu-gi-oh! that often.
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard anime, where they discuss about the recent episode that just aired.
There's some other topics that players discuss about is being in a Team. Teams, in a way, are alright at times, but when everyone underneath the sun says "I want to join a team." and "Please, join this team. <insert URL of their team thread>", then the fandom made it less interesting to join teams.

So far, there's two maps: Card Capital and Shop Handsome. I'll explain more in detail in the tutorial, since there's not much else to comment about them.

If you noticed in the basics, I gave credit to the Duel Monsters Expert administration for the pictures. It's because that when you challenge someone, it shows up with that field, with two battle face icons, where it'll tell you how many cards in each player's hands by clicking on that said face icon. More will be explained in the tutorial.

Seems fairly positive. In regards to that, you can say that people play Cardfight!! Vanguard for the fun of the game itself, and not to be intended to win every single Cardfight. From what I noticed, the players seem to be a bit more positive since that they no longer play Yu-gi-oh!, a game where some people only intend to win. 

Other than the fandom of teams, the atmosphere is usually good.


To be blunt, if you are reading this and think this is a good game to play, play it and cast your opinion on it. "Sometimes, experiencing it first hand can lead to a good or bad decision on liking or disliking a game. What you like as a game may not apply to others."


Next up is the Game Tutorial.
  • Credit to the Duel Monsters Expert Administration for making this game. 

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