Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rescue Rabbit Deck

If you guys miss the first part of the discussion, here it is:

Well, here's the deck list:

3x Hunter Dragon
3x Jerry Beans Man
3x Kabazauls
3x Sabersaurus
3x Sealmaster Meisei
3x Rescue Rabbit

3x Creature Seizure
3x Enchanting Fitting Room
3x Heart of the Underdog
Monster Reborn
3x Talisman of Trap Sealing

Call of the Haunted
3x Common Charity
3x Talisman of Spell Sealing
Torrential Tribute

Extra Deck:

3x Empty Space Sea Serpent Levaiel
3x Evolkaiser Ragia
3x Number 17: Leviath Dragon
3x Number 34: Electronic Computer-Beast Tera Byte
3x Steelswarn Roach

Rate, fix, thoughts, discuss, or comment. Enjoy!

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