Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thoughts, comments, and updates

Well, since the new list came out, I began to wonder if people are "more geared" to the trio that was unaffected, listed below:
  • Inzektors - fear of the Field not being safe.
  • Wind-Ups - fear of the Hand not being safe.
  • Rescue Rabbit - free negation
With that being said, I'm "more geared" to making archetype guides, so that if someone doesn't want to build one of the trio decks, they can always find an archetype guide of their choosing, so that six months from now, when the ban list actually hits the three decks, you wouldn't be affected by the ban list, and have something to fall back on.

In other blog posts that bloggers did, they pointed out how the "ban list was bad". Well, yeah, but who said that you had to stick around in real life and pay money for the game anymore. For me, I stuck with playing online for one reason: "To have fun and play the game the way it was meant to be"; however, there's a risk behind every idea which is: "People would most likely netdeck more and use the decks that top at the YCS."

Also, if I based my findings on real life actions, then I would have to take into account the budget and everything else that factors into real life actions, which one of those factors would be "stacking your own deck, so you'll get a good hand near 100% of the time". In my opinion, playing online is less biased and more reliable, because you wouldn't have the luxury of "cheating" by shuffling.

So, what am I going to do now? Of course, I could point out flaws that Konami has made within the ban list, OR I could do is make archetype guides with a sample deck list(s) attached to them.

Didn't I do something like this already? Yes, I have with the Cardfight!! Vanguard tutorial, but this time it would be "more geared" towards Yu-gi-oh! with these Archetype Guides.

Anyway, thoughts, comments, and discuss.

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