Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yu-gi-oh! Card Discussion - Dark World Dealings

Second part of the discussion on the second question I asked at the end of January: "What card would you prefer: Dragged Down into the Grave or Dark World Dealings?" Now, then, let's start the discussion off with Dark World Dealings:

Dark World Dealings
[Spell Card]
Each player draws 1 card. Then each player discards 1 card. 

Simple enough, eh? With this card, it'll give you the discard that you want and the draw that you'll most likely need, but you aren't able to disrupt your opponent; however, if you face off against an Inzektor or Wind-Up/Inzektor hybrid, would you prefer not to set that many facedowns or would you rather get nailed by Inzektor Dragonfly + Inzektor Centipede + Inzektor Hornet?

The reason why I'm holding the deck list of the Dark World deck nearby is because I'm going to edit it for the new March 1st, 2012 Ban List, and I saw no point in posting it when it's nearing the time where the new list is posted.

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