Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yu-gi-oh! Card Discussion - White Elephant's Gift and Advance Draw

Right now, it's going into the third part of the discussion on White Elephant's Gift and Advance Draw. Let's take a look at both cards:

White Elephant's Gift
[Normal Spell Card]
Send one Non-Effect Monster you control to the Graveyard. Draw 2 cards.

Advance Draw
[Normal Spell Card]
Tribute 1 Level 8 or higher monster you control. Draw 2 cards.

For Hieroglyphs, the concept of the deck is to summon big dragons to your side of the Field. If you focus in on the Level 8 0 ATK 0 DEF Normal Monster, and that monster alone, you prevent ways to make sure that you don't dead draw whenever you decide to draw.

Not to mention, it'll be easy for Hieroglyphs to make sure a Level 8 Normal Monster is on the field, so that you are able to recycle said cards, and develop a good draw engine to help you get through some of your Deck. Anyway, thoughts, discuss, and comment.

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