Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yu-gi-oh! Card Discussion - Dragged Down into the Grave

The next card up for discussion came from the second question I asked at the end of January: "What card would you prefer: Dragged Down into the Grave or Dark World Dealings?" Right now, let's start the card discussion on Dragged Down into the Grave:

Dragged Down into the Grave
[Spell Card]
You and your opponent look at each other's hands, select 1 card from each other's hands and discard them to the Graveyard, and each draw 1 card. 

Yeah, it does disrupt your opponent, but that's not what I want you to think about. Remember that there's Inzektors and Wind-Up/Inzektor hybrid out there in the OCG and the TCG, which if you set anything, it would cause more problems than what it would solve. There is some cases that it'll work in said deck types, but it'll do more harm than good.

The typical play for Dragged Down into the Grave is the following:
  1. Set all Spell and Trap Cards making sure when you activate Dragged Down, you only have Dark World monsters for your opponent to pick from.
  2. Activate Dragged Down into the Grave.
  3. Opponent is forced to pick one Dark World monster from your Hand.
The way I see this is that Step 1 greatly influence those hybrids is that you have to set those cards, and then once they get Inzektor Hornet, they can gain massive pluses off what you had to do for Dragged Down into the Grave.

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