Sunday, August 7, 2011

Card Discussion - Photon Shockwave - Part 4

Alright, here's Part 4 of the 3 card reviews of Photon Shockwave: (The cards are shown below are from Shriek, so if you want to read through the set, go here.)

Elec King Cobra
****   Attribute: LIGHT
This card can attack your opponent directly. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points by attacking directly, add 1 "Elec" Monster from your Deck to your hand.
ATK: 1000   DEF: 500

Very good card with Elecs. And with the indirect support that came with the set, I think Elecs got a great boost from it. For example, Burning Fighting Spirit can double this card's ATK to 2000, and have this monster attack directly, or if your opponent attacks, you can use Photonize to give this card the opponent's monster's ATK, then have it attack directly. Very interesting, indeed.

Naturia Maron
***   Attribute: Earth
When this card is successfully Normal Summoned, you can send 1 "Naturia" monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. Also, once per turn, by selecting 2 "Naturia" monsters in your Graveyard, and shuffling them back to your Deck, you can draw 1 card.
ATK: 1200   DEF: 700

Very good support card for Naturia Pineapple. Makes sure that if you want to run Bambooshoot in a Plant based build, it's plausable.

Killer Frilled Shark
***   Attribute: Water
When a face-up Fish, Sea-Serpent, or Aqua-Type Monster you control is selected as an attack target, activate by removing from play this card in your Graveyard. Negate the attack of that attacking monster, and until your next End Phase, it loses 500 ATK. The effect of "Killer Frilled Shark" can only be used once per turn.
ATK: 700   DEF: 1500

If you need to hold out for a turn, just in case, Fish Turn Kill backfires, you can negate an attack with this card, which you can make sure to survive a turn, so that you can finish off your opponent next turn. Just a thought though, not sure if you would be interested enough to try it, though.

If nothing else, you can use it to protect your Gishki monsters from being destroyed.


  1. Love the new cards you posted. The naturia card will help a lot with recycling/draw power/pineapple shenanigans. and the Necro Gardna for fish is also good lol.

    Do you mind taking a look at my fabled deck? its on my website Thanks!

  2. hi! Blogwalking... link me up as I link yours! ^^