Friday, April 22, 2011

Tour Guide From the Underworld and Reasoning behind the Toon deck and Gadget deck

Tour Guide From the Underworld can Special Summon 1 Level 3 Fiend-type Monster from your Hand or Deck. Here's some Level 3 Fiend-type Monsters worth mentioning:
  • Possessed Dark Soul
    • The reason behind mentioning this is that if your opponent has any Level 3 monsters, you can take those and make a better Exceeds monster. (Obviously, when it is Special Summoned by Tour Guide From the Underworld, it's effect will be negated, however, it's still decent enough tech to take advantage of your opponent's monsters.)
  • Sangan
    • Searchable Sangan at any time can make everyone happy. We can almost call Tour Guide From the Netherworld to be a Sangan in a sense.
So yeah, instant Rank 3 Exceed can be easy to pull off with this card.


The reasoning behind those two decks can be explained in one sentence:
  • Build the deck first, then see if you can add more to it, for example, Rank 4 Exceeds.
Toon World (1) and Gadgets (1) was the main body of the deck. At a later date, I will modify both decks to include Exceed monsters, with possibly some modifications to the main deck.


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