Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Game (Program) Analysis - Yu-gi-oh! Virtual Desktop and 2 more cards

Basically, this program is used to virtually test your deck and see if you get bad hands or not. At times, you can connect to their server and get duels, but mainly, some people just use it to test hands and get their deck better without having to pay an arm and a leg for the cards...just to find out that they don't work.

But in my case, I use it to play around with my creations on my own, rather than having them submitted somewhere else (Duel Monsters Expert has a system where someone either accepts or rejects them for the game.)

How to place a custom in the card?

|Traveler of the Blades - Lorelai|03|LOTB|Warrior/Effect|Light|4||2400|1500|When this card attacks a monster, you can select one other monster on your Field. This card gains ATK equal to the selected monster's ATK. The selected monster cannot declare an attack, during this turn. (You cannot select a monster that already declared an attack this turn with this effect.)|

Take it as a template: |<Name>|<Number in Series>|<Set Initials>|<Type/Effect (or Fusion, Synchro, etc.)|<Attribute>|<Level>||<ATK>|<DEF>|<Effect of card, or flavor text>|

Need further explanation, feel free to leave a comment.

Updates to Legacy of the Blades:
  • 2 new cards:
    • Legendary Sword - Divine Flash
    • Legendary Sword - Divine Fury
Feel free if you want to suggest something. For these two, I feel a bit iffy about them, so they might change at a later date.

Don't forget to vote in the poll: "Would you like me to blog about Cardfight!! Vanguard?" This will be the last reminder that I'll be doing for that. The rest will be up to you.


  1. What kind of idiot says no to more information on a game that seems pretty beast... If I could vote 50 times I would vote for YES PLEASE BLOG ABOUT CARDFIGHT VANGUARD!!!! I would Blog about it but there is little information for me to go on.

  2. Read my next post.

    I'm allowing people to vote one more time in the last few days. Also, with your plead into account, I'll keep it into consideration.