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The Truth - Final Part - Missed Memories

PART 1: http://dangerascend.blogspot.com/2011/02/truth-part-1-past.html
PART 2: http://dangerascend.blogspot.com/2011/02/truth-part-2-present.html
PART 3: http://dangerascend.blogspot.com/2011/02/truth-part-3-decision.html

The reason why I didn't think about posting the last part after Part 3 is that if I do that, I wouldn't have updated the blog as much as I did with Yu-gi-oh! rather than a personal rant for you to tune into every single post. Let's just say that this is the last part of "The Truth". Instead of leading it down into paragraph form, I'm going to have a more direct approach and let some people know that I'm going to miss them as I transition into Duel Monsters Genesis.

...I think it's time to start:

Chocorrol and Cherry: It's been fun dueling against you two, because I know you guys won't be tempted by "winning" or "losing". It's all about playing the game at hand. Trust me, when I dueled with an extremely casual build, I wasn't constantly pressured by the constant temptation of every duelist that wants to win: "Just finish him and move on." Thank you for letting me duel under that environment, and I realize that casual dueling still exists in Duel Monsters Expert, but with that group hanging around, it's hard to notice, unfortunately. I enjoyed dueling both of you. Both of you, continue dueling and enjoy life to its fullest.

Behemoth: I'm sorry that I have to go, but it's time for me to move on with my life. I know that you were trying to get Duel Monsters Expert back to its former glory, but it's too far out of reach. I want to say this, "Thank you for caring about how Duel Monsters Expert use to be, and I know you will try to find some way to have it back to it's former glory in your own personal way", but it's an uphill battle from where you stand. A never-ending battle that you won't be able to escape on your own. So, I state this: "Stand strong, and fight for what you believe in." Farewell, Behemoth.

Echo: Yes, I was investigating you because I didn't know what was going through your head at the time. If you don't consider me to be your friend, so be it, but I enjoyed dueling against you in Duel Monsters Expert several months ago. I don't know what happened between that duel and now, but I see that you've gotten strong over that short period. Continue fighting those battles, and you'll find your sanctuary someday. I was happy that you were considering to remake your Cyber Angel/Girl deck, but when you drifted apart, I didn't expect you to state the things you did in that conversation. I'm sorry about what I stated to you in the past. There's nothing that I can do to change what I said, but I want you to know that I listened and thought about ways I can get help for you through other online means, since I couldn't be there in person. If you are reading this, Echo, I want to state this: "The times through the hardships that you had were emotional, but I wanted to stick with you until the end." You finally have friends that support you, and I'm glad. Farewell, Echo.

Ishtelte: I entered Duel Monsters Expert as a last hope to find out "The Truth", and instead of finding that truth, I found more turmoil than ever, but I stuck around to see what was happening. I needed to clear my conscious before I moved on. You are a hard worker, and one that I can safely state you can enter any job you want, and you'll do it with excellent efficiency. As for the duels, we fought each other and used our wits to find out much about the game at hand. It's been throughly entertaining, and you'll be able to continue to support Duel Monsters Expert. Thank you for listening to my side of the story. You are an asset that Duel Monsters Expert doesn't want to lose, in my opinion, so continue to enjoy that game to its fullest.

EHeroMatt: I'm glad that I was able to duel you, at least once. After all the hardships that you had, you were able to pull through every single time, outside of dueling and while dueling. Continue to grow stronger with each passing day, even if others will reject your existence. I hope that one day, you would be able to show a good example on how Duel Monsters Expert should be. This game isn't meant to be hostile. It's meant to be fun, without caring if you win or lose. Continue to follow what you feel, and someday, you'll be a good duelist that people look up to.

Duive: I know that you are thinking about quitting Yu-gi-oh!. I would suggest to not do so, and take some time off to clear your mind. You are a good duelist that people should look up to, and remember what I said about probability. If you aren't sure about getting a card properly, you can always try to find ways to bring out that card faster. I'm glad that I got to duel you. Continue to enjoy dueling, and when you don't, you can always find inspiration to continue by talking to your friends. It won't be everyday that you don't want to duel, so take it gradually, and duel who you know.

Any other Duel Monsters Expert player: Enjoy dueling and live life to it's fullest.

For now, this is goodbye, Duel Monsters Expert.


Sorry if I made anyone depressed while reading this, but I had some things left to say, before I moved on with the transition. Thank you for reading.

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