Monday, February 21, 2011

The Truth - Part 1 - The Past

Typically, I don't go out of my way to post something personal, but I need to get this off my chest.


Typically, in my dueling career, I faced off against a lot of people and earned some respect over time. Not to mention that in some instances, I used it to relax from everyday worries, and let my relaxation get me through to next week, but I don't know what to do now. I mean, I still like Yu-gi-oh!, but something drastically changed in Duel Monsters Expert so in the time frame, I don't know what happened.

I mean, some people have opened up to me via the web and I tried to help them try to enjoy Yu-gi-oh! not for winning, but to play the game itself, the way it was meant to be. I don't want to see people getting satisfied by victory and feeling like crap when they lose. It's the enjoyment of the game that's really important. If you can't enjoy it, then why play it?

Now, for the serious part, within dueling or tournament play, people decide to backseat coach during that duel. Please realize that you don't do this in tournament play, and it's not worth it to duel outside of tournament play if players constantly do that. So, I complained about it. Then, they single me out and say "I'm just being angry." Well, it's not exactly fair for the player that's trying to play the game himself, and yet, they still complained.

Also, with duels, I've noticed a lot more people bickering about the meta and anti-meta. Trust me, it's not worth bickering about because it's a game that's suppose to be fun. If it stops being enjoyable, quit and come back. They complained to no end about it, like how people brag in YCS, then cause a fight to break out. Guys, it's not worth it. This game is literally based on the enjoyment of the player. If you can't enjoy it, quit. Plain and simple.

You know that people are too stubborn to not listen, so I moved to a different place that plays Yu-gi-oh! for a while.

Besides the point, I try to teach someone and have him try to enjoy playing a card game to it's fullest. So, we exchanged e-mail addresses and we chat on Windows Live messenger. Eventually, he opened up to me, as he reached out for someone to care. So, I listened, and messaged him the words he needed to hear. No matter if it's an online relationship or a face-to-face relationship, keep true to yourself. Unfortunately, he started to drift away and I started to wonder "Why? You use to chat to me, frequently. What changed? What has happened in Duel Monsters Expert to cause such a change?"

So, I began my investigation...


I know most of this doesn't apply to you, because it's an online basis, but you got to wonder "Can this happen to me?"


  1. Hmm, currently I don't feel that this applies to me, I get a kick out of trying crazy decks at locals and on YVD, and my friends lol @ them too. It's still quite fun, regardless of victory or defeat

  2. Hopefully, I covered the response, but if I didn't...

    Yeah, I get a kick out of crazy decks, but when players decide to complain about anime, manga, and custom cards where you can face decks that you have never seen before, then where's the fun in making a deck anymore on that game during that duration? With Real Life play being not a choice due to no locals around my area anymore due to the economy, I still want to play Yu-gi-oh! online to help me relax from unwanted tension.