Saturday, March 5, 2011

Game Analysis - Duel Monsters Genesis

Link to it:

Alright, I'll explain it the best I can with what they listed on their hub.
  • 5914 Game Cards
From this, they feature all TCG cards, all OCG cards, and all anime-only cards. With this, you would expect it to be similar to the OCG competitive environment before entering into this game, which is exactly what you should expect when entering.
  • 100+ Player icons
With this, they don't tend to keep around old versions of icons of each character, instead they keep on improving the characters they have and update them accordingly.
  • Advanced, Traditional & Underground Formats
This is actually notable and reflects upon what people would like to play. If you don't like the Advance Format at the time, you can switch to Traditional Format. If you don't like either, you can play Underground where anything goes.
  • Easy to use Drag & Drop Deck Editing
With this, you'll be able to move cards from the card database to the deck editor.
  • Multi-direction Duels & On-screen Duel Disks
  • Tag Dueling Support
  • Duel Runners & Riding Duels
  • Signer and Dark Signer battles
From this, you can have a duel from all four directions on your screen with an on-screen duel disk with some commands. Underneath that, you can have specific duels, which can be Tag Duels, Riding Duels, or Signer vs. Dark Signer battles.
  • Original graphics & content created especially for the game.
Over a duration of time, you can expect something to change about in the Duel Monsters Genesis system, so take a look around once in a while, and see what you can find.
  • Weekly Tournaments.
  • Frequent updates & large community.
For the Weekly Tournaments, they typical host them in the morning, so I tend to miss out on those. So, I wouldn't have any idea on how they are like. With the updates, they typically keep the game in top shape, and with their large community, you can always expect to find a duel.


To be blunt, if you are reading this and think this is a good game to play, play it and cast your opinion on it. "Sometimes, experiencing it first hand can lead to a good or bad decision on liking or disliking a game. What you like as a game may not apply to others."

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