Thursday, March 31, 2011

Perfect Destiny (2)

Instead of posting the entire deck list, I'll just list the monster line-up instead

2x Archangel Krystia
3x Herald of Perfection
3x Nova Summoner
3x Shining Angel
2x Herald of Orange Light
2x Tethys, Goddess of Light
3x Manju of Ten-Thousand Hands

If you want to see the Spell/Trap line-up, go to this link, because the line-up remains unchanged:

If you are wondering where's the Extra Deck, I haven't built it yet, so if you want, you can leave a comment, if you have a suggestion. Regardless, enjoy!


  1. Looking good so far. Suggestion: instead of D.D. Sprite, why not use Herald of Orange Light? It can help against monster effects and is also a tuner. Also, I might suggest lowering your Tethys count to 2 since you don't run as many angels as a regular Tethys-based angel deck. If you think about it ratio wise:

    18 monsters:
    8 high level monsters
    10 low level monsters

    your bound not to be able to summon anything for the first couple of turns until you get the proper cards in hand. I'd say add a wall like Marshmallon. With the amount of traps you run, trap stun will be your headache.

  2. I could probably drop a Threatening Roar for Marshmallon.

    Replacing D.D. Sprite with Herald of Orange Light.

    For the replacement of the third Tethys, I can probably replace it with a third Manju.

  3. Cool, all you need to do right now is test the deck out and see how it fares. I'll do the same and see what the results are. Hopefully, the build will be successful.

  4. I'm questioning a few things about it, before testing. I may change it around a little bit more, before I decide to test it.

    Just have some lingering thoughts.