Friday, March 18, 2011

Information about what is going on in Japan (short post)

One of the bloggers I subscribe to is giving updates about what's going on in Japan. If you want, you can follow this blog: and find out what information you are looking for.

More specifically, this post is the last latest update on what's going on in Japan. I don't know how long this exact post will stay up, since the author deletes this post and provides a new post with a new update; however, the author is providing this information about what is going on in this dire crisis.

I send my condolences to everyone in Japan. Since I live in the U.S., I can't describe the situation that well with watching the news all the time, but hopefully with this information, you'll be able to understand the situation there better.


  1. You live in the US? I always thought you lived in Asia somewhere lol

    But then again Devin from YGO Dungeon thought that I was from Singapore soooo... lol i guess it happens :P

  2. Yep, I live in the U.S. *goes to modify the "About Me" gadget*