Friday, July 27, 2012

Yu-gi-oh! - Breakdown of Genex Hero (Moulin Glace) - Part 1

In the Yu-gi-oh! Speculation post, I was looking at Genex Hero first, and seeing how it'll take into account Moulin Glace, so I dove into the Genex portion a bit more, and found out that it'll be stupid to just splash in one part of the archetype. By opening up variety of chains, you can use different outs like causing one of the following:
  • Getting Genex Controller and popping a face-up card on your opponent's Field.
  • Getting Genex Controller and popping a Set card on your opponent's Field.
  • Getting Genex Controller and Moulin Glace.
With that, you can set-up your next move, if you have certain cards within your hand, but that'll be a problem if you don't have a back-up engine, so these two engines were used:
  • Undine Engine
  • Summoner Monk Engine (which can use Elemental Hero Stratos)
One thing that can branch Moulin Glace and Dark Armed Dragon is Lavalval Chain, since it can foolish pieces easily, and cause a bunch of plays if need be.

With the search engines, there's draw engines that were added:
  • Hope for Escape
    • Utilizing Upstart Goblin seemed a bit pointless, so I went with paying all crazy if need be, so my resources never deplete.
  • Destiny Draw and Allure of Darkness
    • Since I focused it more around Destiny Heroes and Genex Controller, both of these cards can see play. (For Destiny Heroes, I only use Diamond Dude.) Also, Diamond Dude can send these to Graveyard, since both of these are Normal Spell Cards.
Deck List and explanation of some choices will be posted in the next Part.


  1. Sounds legit, i love the destiny hero engine lol

    1. The difficulty is getting the two to coexist properly.