Monday, July 9, 2012

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Deck Discussion: Granblue Superior Ride

Simply to get to Grade 3 as fast as you can, then use Power Lane Beatdown until your opponent dies. Ways to superior ride in this deck are as follows:

Knight Spirit + Samurai Spirit + Grade 2 Vanguard = Spirit Exceed
Deadly Nightmare + Deadly Spirit + Grade 2 Vanguard = Deadly Swordsmaster

Carefully manage what you do for Soul Blasting and Counterblasting, because once you use up your options, and if your opponent is still alive, then you have lost the game.

Deck List:

Grade 0:
4x Knight Spirit
4x Hades Steersman
4x Skeleton Lookout
4x Doctor Rogue
2x Chappie the Ghost
Captain Nightkid (Starting Vanguard)

Grade 1:
4x Deadly Nightmare
4x Samurai Spirit
3x Gust Jinn
3x Evil Shade

Grade 2:
4x Captain Nightmist
4x Deadly Spirit
3x Ruin Shade

Grade 3:
4x Undead Dragon Skull Dragon
Spirit Exceed
Deadly Swordsmaster

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  1. This build is pretty bad. 4x Skull Dragon, really? The deck shouldn't focus on Superior Riding since for Swordmaster, it needs to be in drop. No Cocytus? Needs, work

    1. Same for Spirit Exceed. The deck is focused on Superior Riding for tutorial.