Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Deck Discussion: Phantom Blaster Overlord - Part 2

In the first part, I focused a bit on the defensive side; however there's an offensive side to this as well, which is without Phantom Blaster Overlord as Vanguard, but with Phantom Blaster Dragon as Vanguard. With Part 3; however, I'll attempt to merge the two, and hope that it'll succeed.

This strategy is focused more about the Power Lanes then ever, and if all possible, use Phantom Blaster Dragon's effect to strike the Vanguard, free up a lane, then place a stronger lane to replace it.

For example:
  • Left Rear Guard Lane could have this:
    • Knight of the Void, Masquerade in front Left Rear Guard Circle.
    • Black Sage, Charon in back Left Rear Guard Circle.
  • Vanguard Lane could have this:
    • Phantom Blaster Dragon as Vanguard (with 11000 Power)
    • Nothing to boost Phantom Blaster Dragon
  • Right Rear Guard Lane could have this:
    • Demon World Castle, Donnerschlag in front Right Rear Guard Circle.
    • Black Sage, Charon in back Right Rear Guard Circle.
And even if you don't have the correct booster to hit 20000, then you can use the abilities of both of them to hit their Vanguard, because both of them can go up to 12000 Power, if necessary.

Deck List:

Grade 0:
4x Grim Reaper
4x Death Feather Eagle
4x Darkside Trumpeter
4x Abyss Healer

Grade 1:
4x Blaster Javelin
4x Black Sage, Charon
3x Dark Shield, Mac Lir
3x Witch of Secret Medicine, Arianrhod

Grade 2:
4x Knight of the Void, Masquerade
4x Demon World Castle, Donnerschlag
3x Blaster Dark

Grade 3:
4x Phantom Blaster Dragon
4x Dark Magician, Babd Catha

Reason why I will disagree with players is that, with Phantom Blaster Overlord being their "win" card, they can't focus in on anything else, which disappoints me, hence why I extend this discussion into three parts. One with sole focus is Phantom Blaster Overlord, which to me is defensive, one without Phantom Blaster Overlord, which is offensive, and one with the best of both worlds.

Anyway, if you have any questions, thoughts, or comments, leave a comment.

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