Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Deck Discussion: Enigman Rain

Mainly, the strategy of this deck is the same strategy as the Nova Grappler decks with Asura Kaiser and Death Army Lady; however, you do not need a Grade 3 to be Drive Check'd. You can use this ability:
  • Auto (V): When your Attack Step begins, if this Unit has 12000 or more Power, during this Battle, this Unit gains: Auto (V): When this Unit's Attack hits a Vanguard, select 1 of your Rearguards, and Stand it.
With giving Enigma Rain 12000 Attack, it'll force your opponent to either not guard and have one of your other units stand, or guard and run into a risk with a Stand Trigger. The second part of the combo is with this ability:
  • Auto (R): During your Battle Phase, when this Unit Stands, if you have a <<Dimension Police>> Vanguard, select a Rearguard in the Same Column, except this card, and make it Stand.
By giving the stand ability to Miracle Beauty, you can stand a unit in the same column and attack again.

Deck List:

Grade 0:
4x Justice Colbalt
4x Guide Dolphin
4x Cosmo Fang
4x Justice Rose
Enigman Flow

Grade 1:
4x Enigman Ripple
3x Diamond Ace
3x Glory Maker
2x Cosmo Roar

Grade 2:
4x Enigman Wave
4x Masked Police Gurender
3x Cosmo Beak

Grade 3:
4x Enigman Rain
2x Enigman Storm
4x Miracle Beauty

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  1. Looking good. Can't wait to make the deck when the cards finally come out.