Friday, September 30, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Card Discussion - Demon World Marquis, Amon

Grade: 3 - Dark Irregulars - Demon
Twin Drive Check!! - When this unit Drive Checks, Drive Check twice.
Continuous[V]: During your turn, for each "Dark Irregular" in your Soul, this Unit gains +1000 Power.
Startup[V]: [Counterblast(1), Move 1 of your "Dark Irregular" Rear Guards to Soul.] Your Opponent chooses 1 of their own Rear Guards and Retires it.
Power: 10000    Critical: +1

Few comments:
  • Normally, I see this card as a way to go "All-In" with players completely nuking your opponent's field with this card, and with Doreen the Thruster power boost, it'll severely drain their hand as well.
  • With using this card to control the field, the opponent has to choose something to retire, which falls on them if they make a crucial mistake in retiring the wrong card.

What I have done with Demon World Marquis, Amon and Doreen the Thruster is the following:
  • Leave Demon World Marquis, Amon unboosted. Why? The power boost from the Continuous effect that it has is good enough, since with the set-up of Decadent Succubus, would lead to 18000~20000 easily.
  • Have Doreen the Thruster boost the Rear Guard Attackers. Why? If your opponent wants to take another damage, they could. Otherwise, they'd have to waste a good amount of Shields to block(typically 2 to 4 cards, taking into account the 5000 Shields, 10000 Shields, and the "Nullifying the Attack" shields).
  • What would happen if the Vanguard's attack is blocked? This clan has two Stand Triggers, one of them does a Soul Charge and returns to the Deck to be used later. So, the odds of getting a Stand Trigger in the late game is good.
Anyway, if I missed something, leave a comment. Anyway, enjoy!

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