Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Card Discussion - Doreen the Thruster

Grade 1 - Dark Irregulars - Elf
Boost: When declaring an attack with this Unit behind the attacker, put this Unit to Rest and add its power to the attacker.
Auto (R): During your Main Phase, when your Cards are moved to the Soul, and you have a "Dark Irregulars" Vanguard, during that turn, this Unit gains +3000 Power.
Power: 6000    Shield: 5000   Critical: +1

This card is the basic backbone booster for Dark Irregulars, since Dark Irregulars focus on adding cards to Soul. How many of Doreen the Thruster should you run? Max them out. Why? Two cards that can be used in combination with it: Decadent Succubus and Demon World Marquis, Amon, which both cards can lead to Doreen the Thruster having up to 24000 Power to boost with, since each time you add cards to your Soul during your Main Phase, Doreen the Thruster gains +3000 Power.

Anyway, feel free to discuss. Enjoy!


  1. Disagree with Decadent Succubus.

    While you are grade 2, having massive amounts of power doesnt really come into play, because advantage wise, not blocking is the smarter choice.

    Decadent Succubus is used to pile up soul for your soulblast/Amon, so its more of a planning for the future type card. I think Doreen the Thruster, personally, should be run in 3s, because its power pump is really useful, comboes with your other grade 3s that soul charge every turn, but when youre in the late game, its harder and harder to charge several souls in one shot without losing TOO much advantage.

    Doreen is less stable, but potentially more explosive than Grade 1 Amon + Grade 2 Amon, so its a throw up between these two guys.

  2. @ Rauzes

    I can agree with this, since it is a toss-up between both Grade 1/Grade 2 Amon and Doreen the Thruster. Personally, if you start to set up your Soul to attack your opponent, if you had a Doreen in your Hand, you can call it first on your Field, and have it power up by however many cards you call for it.

    As for setting up, when you have 6 Dark Irregulars in your Soul, that's when you can use the Grade 1 Amon and Grade 2 Amon to attack your opponent with a solid amount.

    So yeah, it really depends on what you prefer.

  3. mm, good point's all. How viable would a "NON" Grade 1/Grade 2 Amo Dark Irregular deck be?
    As I was thinking trying to build a deck around Demon Eater,Edel Rose and Stil Vampir ,
    utilizing Doreen the Thruster,Alluring Succubus,Bloody Calf a few March Hare of Nightmareland's and WErewolf sieger,Succubus of Deterioration, "debating on Gwyn_the_Ripper blue dust and Imprisoned Fallen Angel, Sarael " just not really sure how well it would run???? any thoughts?

    on here or email would be best...

    1. For a couple of my builds, the only Amon unit I used was the Grade 3 Amon unit, so it's entirely plausable, and it'll focus more on how well you Soul Charge, then utilize your Soul Blasting (if any).

      For your build:
      - Demon Eater is okay to use instead of Grade 3 Amon, it'll really depend on how much Soul Charging you do, when you have a Grade 1 or Grade 2 Vanguard.
      - Edel Rose and Stil Vampir is good, regardless of what build, because Edel can make sure to bring out a Grade 2 unit, if you don't draw into one early, and Stil Vampir always brings a "fear factor" which causes your opponent to think twice when you are nearing 5 unflipped damage.
      - The Grade 1s sound standard to a Dark Irregular build. Just note that you need to watch when you go for Bloody Calf's effect, because that'll be when Stil Vampir's "fear factor" wouldn't work.
      - The Grade 2s I would recommend is the following (not saying how many per, because it'll depend on the user): Succubus of Decadence, Werewolf Seiger, and Darksoul Conductor. Darksoul Conductor has this ability: "Auto: When this card is sent from the Guardian Circle to the Drop Zone, if you have a <> Vanguard, you can Soul Charge (2).", and his POWER is 8000 and his SHIELD is 5000. If you have more room for Grade 2s, it'll depend on personal preference and testing.

      Anyway, hope this helps.

  4. Ha Xd thanks so much Ryu Kuze, those are some sound thoughts/ideas you have their. below is more or less the build I have been tinkering around with, was wondering if you could give me a few pointers? as I am looking at it to be my main deck.

    thoughts on these cards for this build?
    Gwyn_the_Ripper,blue dust,Prisoner Beast

    thanks again for your help, “side note any idea how I would go about getting one more copy of Bloody Calf? as all i could find was one and a friend gave me that for my birthday”

    one big thing I keep having trouble with is my grade three line up?? not sure how many of each Rose, eater and vamp to run??

    Cursed_Doctor "heal" X4
    Hysteric Shirley "draw" X4
    Dark Queen of Nightmareland "stand" X4
    Blitz ritter "critical" X4
    Vermillion_Gatekeeper X1

    Grade 1’s
    Doreen the thruster X3-4
    Alluring Succubus X3-4
    March Hare of Nightmareland X3
    Bloody Calf X2-3 “still testing”
    Prisoner Beast ?? (debating on him as like you said I need to chose wisely when to use Bloody Calf’s effect!)

    Grade 2’s
    Succubus of Deterioration
    Dark soul conducter
    WErewolf sieger X3 “however I still have not come to any conclution as to how many Edel Rose I want to run as testing has been a bit of a problem for me”

    Grade 3’s=7ISH
    Demon Eater X2-3
    Edel Rose X2-3
    Stil Vampir X2

    1. For Gwynn the Ripper, Blue Dust, and Prisoner Beast, it'll depend solely on your preference. Gwynn would depend on how the test runs went with Bloody Calf. Blue Dust would be good for Soul Charging if you get an attack through with Blue Dust, and Prisoner Beast is just an 8000 booster.

      For your build, I'll recommend this:
      - 17 Grade 0s.
      - 14 Grade 1s.
      - 11 Grade 2s.
      - 8 Grade 3s.

      For the Grade 1 line-up, I'll recommend this:
      - 4 Doreen the Thruster
      - 4 Alluring Succubus
      - 3 March Hare of Nightmareland
      - 3 Bloody Calf

      For the Grade 2 line-up, I'll recommend this:
      - 4 Succubus of Deterioration
      - 4 Dark Soul Conductor
      - 3 Werewolf Seiger

      For the Grade 3 line-up, I'll recommend this
      - 2 Edel Rose
      - 3 Demon Eater
      - 3 Stil Vampir

      Hopefully this helps.

  5. sweet thanks Ryu Kuze XD that was what I was missing.. testing with Bloody Calf was better then avgrage, a few times I was wishing I had the option of Gwynn, as he can hit grade 2's as well as 1 and 0's! however all and all I have to say I really was quite pleased with her.
    Blue Dust I was thinking might help with more soul charging? however I want to do some testing with the build you recommended first, Was more or less what I was going to try out when I started?? however I never did??.
    Do we have anything that would let us un-flip damage? as that is one of the major things I could see that would hold this deck back. "barring testing and getting familiar with the deck and current play style" thanks again for your help....... will post up my testing results when I have completed them.

    1. Currently, there is no ways to un-flip damage, except when you draw into a Heal Trigger and put one of your flipped damage in the Drop Zone (considering that you do get to heal, and your damage at the time you checked the Heal Trigger is greater than your opponent's damage).

  6. Went back to what I was playing before," not really my cup of tea! as I really diss like the art work of AMON. howevr it runs much better then my other DI builds"

    any other thoughts?

    Grade 0’s=17
    Dark Queen of Nightmareland "stand" X4
    Hysteric Shirley "draw" X4
    Cursed_Doctor "heal" X4
    Blitz ritter "critical" X4
    Vermillion Gatekeeper X1 (starting vanguard)

    Grade 1’s =14
    Alluring Succubus X4
    Doreen the thruster X3
    deviil child X2
    Bloody Calf X2
    March Hare of Nightmareland X3

    Grade 2’s=12
    Succubus of Deterioration X3
    blue dust X3
    WErewolf sieger X2
    Gwyn the Ripper X2
    Dark soul conducter X2

    Grade 3’s=7
    Hell Marquis, Amon X3
    Stil Vampir X2
    Demon Eater X2

    1. Looks solid. Let me know how well it runs.