Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Card Discussion - Dragonic Overlord

Well, it's time for another one of these.


Grade 3 - Kagero - Flame Dragon
Twin Drive Check!! - When this unit Drive Checks, Drive Check twice.
Continuous(V/R): When you don't control any other "Kagero" Vanguard or Rear Guards, this card loses -2000 Power.
Startup(V/R): (Counterblast(3)) During this turn, this card gains +5000 Power and gains this ability: "Auto(V/R): When this card attack hits a Rear Guard, this unit stands." but loses its Twin Drive Ability.
Power: 11000     Critical: +1

  • If you use this as a Vanguard, and use its Counterblast(3) ability, you may only do a Drive Check, if your opponent decides to block the attack completely.
  • If you have this as Vanguard, and your opponent decides to retire all of your Rear Guards, this card's power becomes 9000.
  • His ability is for Vanguard or Rear Guard so it is good in both positions.
  • If you use this as a Vanguard, and use its Counterblast(3) ability, you have a potential to get up to 3 Triggers from Drive Checking, if your opponent is unsuccessful to guard.

Well, from comments on the other Cardfight!! Vanguard - Card Discussion post, I began looking into other ways to play the game online or on the computer. Which is why I'm going to be setting up a poll. (The poll will end in a week's time: 9/8/2011 at midnight.) It'll be on the sidebar asking this: "Would you like to play Cardfight!! Vanguard on a program that partly/fully has it in a different language?" The website itself is no problem because Google Chrome exists, but there is an option to put part of it in English, but some of the program windows of it is in a different language. (The poll is located on the sidebar.) Anyway, enjoy!


  1. I recently learned about Dragonic Overlord getting to drive check like 4 times lol. Just wondering but can you use effects like "Counterblast (5), Soulblast (8)" on your opponents turn? And can you activate Soulblasts and Counterblasts and Soulcharges during your Battle Step?

  2. @ Yuginshin

    No to the "Can you use effects like "Counterblast(5), Soulblast(8)" on your opponent's turn?"

    Depends on the effect for the Soulblasts, Counterblasts, and Soulcharges. There's some Soul Charge effects that activate whenever your VG or RG when it boosts the VG or RG, you can Soul Charge(1). Or when your attack hits for a certain VG or RG, you can pay for a Counterblast. It depends on the text of the card, really.

    And my recent memory of using Dragonic Overlord was drive checking 3 times, and each time it was a Critical Trigger. Very rarely that happens, lol.

  3. hi, can you write an article on nova grappler? ty.

  4. @ Yu Hang

    I did an article on Nova Grappler already in Strategy I, which is located here:

    I will make a Strategy II Nova Grappler soon though. So, expect a post in the future about Nova Grapplers.

  5. Well, there's always playing cardfight capital on byond.. but I wouldn't mind another way to play

  6. @ Phillip Durham

    I've been getting an error getting on that program again, so it'll take me some time to solve it.