Monday, May 30, 2011

Merchant Turbo (40 Card Build)

Here's the deck list:

2x Manticore of Darkness
3x Jinzo
3x Magical Merchant
2x Card Trooper
3x Wulf, Lightsworn Beast
3x Outstanding Dog Marron
3x Volcanic Counter
3x Volcanic Scattershot
3x Rai-Mei
3x Gokipon
3x Danipon
3x Jinzo - Returner
2x Chaos Necromancer
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Bait Doll

I'll explain in another post the reason on why it went down from 60 cards to 40 cards. Anyway, enjoy! 


  1. Wulf doesn't work with Merchant. Merchant discards from hand.

  2. @ LightGrunty


    @ Anonymous

    Merchant mills from deck. If you read the card carefully, the only thing that's related to your Hand is adding the Spell Card or Trap Card revealed by Magical Merchant to your Hand.

  3. But are the cards not put into some imaginary "picked up" pile? The cards are not sent directly from deck to grave.

  4. @ Anonymous

    No, they aren't in the imaginary "picked up" pile. When you pick up cards from the Deck, it's still considered part of the Deck, until you hit a Spell Card or Trap Card. That Spell Card or Trap Card gets added to your Hand, and the rest gets sent to the Graveyard.

    When you go through your entire deck and you don't get a Spell Card or Trap Card, the effect never occurs, and all the cards picked up returns to the Deck, and then shuffled.

    Hopefully, this helps.

  5. Oh, really? Thanks. Didn't know that.