Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - The Basics - Part 2 - The Field

Now, it's time to discuss each section of the field.

Drop Zone: This would be typically known as in Yu-gi-oh! terms, the "Graveyard".

Deck: Your deck would be placed in the same column as the Drop Zone. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it, to explain better.

Field: This is your field of play.

Guard Zone: The blue circle (with the G triangles) is the Guard Zone. If you want to guard against your opponent's attacks by setting a card from your Hand to the Guard Zone, this is where you place them.

Vanguard Circle: It's the red circle up above (marked with a V). You can "ride" to your next Grade by placing a 1 grade higher card over the card as your Vanguard. I'll explain more later in a different Part.

Rear Guard Circles: It's the Green circles up above (marked with a R). You can place as many Rear Guards as you want from your Hand. However, conserving your Hand if you want to Guard against your opponent, so a bit of strategy is needed. Only the Rear Guards on the Rear Guard Circles (left and right not behind it) near the Vanguard Circle can attack your opponent, so you get a grand total of 3 attacks per turn.

Damage Zone: This is where your cards go when you do a "Damage Check", if you cannot Guard. Whoever hits 6+ damage loses the round.

So now, I explained each part of the field. For the full field, look below:

If you have any further questions, leave a comment.

  • Credit goes out to the Duel Monsters Expert Administration for making the online game possible, and the pictures shown on here come from the game they have made.
  • For future notes, I will reveal the game, after I make sure you guys know what you are doing. That is why I'm keeping quiet about it for now.


  1. Thanks Ryu for the information. I've been wanting to play. Is the online game on Byond? if so then i can't play it sadly as I can't stand byond as it took me an hour to learn how to move in DME yet alone duel. Could you add me to your blog roll?

  2. @ Yuginshin

    Yes, this game is on BYOND. I also subscribed to your blog and put you on my blog roll.