Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - The Basics - Part 1 - The Grades

Well first, I need to explain each Grade first, because if you don't know the basic of cards, then you will never know what I'm talking about, then, in Part 2, I will explain how the field is.

The 4 Type of Grades:
The 4 type of Grades are Grade 0, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. To find out which grade it is, the number is in the top left corner of the card. For example, this card is a Grade 3. Regardless though, when making a deck, you need to keep in mind the balance of cards you put into it.

Grade 0 Cards:
Typically, these are your standard grade to start with as your Vanguard (or you can ride a Grade 0 over a Grade 0 card). A standard card for some clans would be the following:

  • For Royal Paladins, Barkgal.
  • For Kagero, Lizard Solder Conroe
  • For Oracle Think Tank, Lozenge Magus
  • For Nova Grappler, Battle Raizer
Other Grade 0s are typically 10000 Shields (except for Draw Triggers, those are 5000 Sheilds). They can Boost, but compared to Grade 1 Boosters, I rather go with the Grade 1 Boosters to waste more of my opponent's cards. Also, Grade 0s have Triggers. The four type of triggers are Critical, Draw, Stand, and Heal. If you attack with a Grade 0 Vanguard, you can Drive Check once.

Grade 1 Cards:
Typically, you ride with this card over a Grade 0 (or a Grade 1), or if you need a drastic Boost in power, set them to your back row Rear Guard. Typically, they have effects to give a stronger Boost to a front Rear Guard or your Vanguard, or they have effects to recycle cards from your Hand. A few Grade 1s have the ability to block the attack completely by discarding a card to your Drop Zone. The following cards have that ability to block the attack completely:
  • For Royal Paladins, Flash Shield Isolde
  • For Kagero, Wyvern Guard Baryi
  • For Oracle Think Tank, Battle Sister Chocolat
If you attack with a Grade 1 Vanguard, you can Drive Check once.

Grade 2 Cards:
Typically, you ride with this card over a Grade 1 (or another Grade 2). These are your front attackers, because they have the ability to Intercept. Other than that, they are typically 8k-10k attackers with effects to either retire Rear Guards to Drop Zone, give more power to itself, and call out a Grade 3 (Superior Ride). If you attack with a Grade 2 Vanguard, you can drive check once.

Grade 3 Cards:
Typically, you ride with this card over a Grade 2 (or another Grade 3). These are your aces, and can drive check twice using their "Twin Drive Check" ability. Most of these effects are diverse, but typically, they involve costs like Counter Blast, Soul Blast, and Soul Charge.

How to summon a Rear Guard:
You can call Rear Guards to your Field that are equal to lower than the Grade of your Vanguard.


I'll explain each of the terms used in this part in Part 3. If you have any questions, leave a comment. If there is enough questions, I dedicate a post to answering them. If you are wondering where I'm getting this information from, it's from here: I'll continue to explain, but for those who are interested to blog about it, there's the site. Anyway, enjoy.


  1. Yes, i was looking forward to this segment. Keep it up

  2. Thank you for the information. And just wondering but do you know of anyway I can actually play this game in America? (Doesn't care about playing with other people lol)

  3. @ LFN

    Yeah, I will.

    @ Yuginshin

    I was wondering when people were going to ask me that question. I have a Game Analysis planned for it, so look forward to it. I didn't want to waste explaining it early, with people not knowing how Cardfight!! Vanguard is played. It'll be after "The Basics", where I'll do the Game Analysis.