Saturday, May 21, 2011

Answer to Duel Puzzle #2

Another note, I was in this situation on Dueling Network, so it's valuable experience regardless of situation.

If you want to see the puzzle, go here. Someone already figured it out (LFN), so I'm stating the answer below.

Duel Puzzle #2 Answer:

1) Use Kushano's effect to discard Cerrebel #1.
2) Special Summon Cereberrel #1 off it's own effect.
3) Set Mind Control, Oppression, and Book of Moon, leaving Kushano, Cereberrel #2, and Lightning Vortex in hand.
4) Tune for The Fabled Unicore leaving 2 Tokens unused.
5) Use Lightning Vortex to discard Cereberrel #2 which causes Naturia Beast's effect to be negated by The Fabled Unicore.
6) Special Summon Cereberrel #2 off it's own effect.
7) Tune into a second Fabled Unicore.
8) Attack facedown Darksoul with first Fabled Unicore.
9) Attack your opponent with second Fabled Unicore for game.


  1. :( my answer worked too lol
    cept i wasted a normal summon

  2. Yeah, there's typically more than one answer to my puzzles, but the general purpose was to point out the theory of killing the Naturia Lockdown with Fabled Unicore and Lightning Vortex.

    Multiple solutions are typically accepted, since they adopt their own playing style into the situation.

    You'd have to think of it in this way, "Yes, your answer is correct, but is it optimal?"

  3. Then no it is not, for i completely disregarded in-grave cards AND used a normal summon ;P