Saturday, February 19, 2011

List of things to do, currently (short post)

I am considering making decks under the OCG ban list, but I think I'll wait until they release the TCG ban list as well, to see what happens..

As for the list of things to do, I'm considering doing this for my blog:
  • Remaking Chaos Fabled. If Chaos Sorcerer goes to 3 and Book of Moon goes to 1, I have to remake the deck slightly. Not only that, I didn't really think while I was testing it out, so I need some time to look over some old cards to see if they are even needed anymore.
  • Remaking Tech Genus. I'm considering doing the Mystic Piper Engine, (pointed out by Soliel in this post) because I'm running short on monsters every time then I get clogged by Spell and Trap hands. It's now on the table to remaking.
  • Any "What if?" builds that I make really regard to a thought of "What if this card is banned or limited?" By taking out said card, what can you replace it with? Is there even a replace for that card? Just pointing out that's how most of the decks are when made, in this category. I'm trying to put those to the side for now, unless an issue towards a ban list arises.
  • And anything else I didn't do yet in this post.
Anyway, out for now.

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