Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Deck Discussion: Perfect Raizer

With Perfect Raizer, 4 Raizer is ideal for his Soul, however, if you fight an opponent that knows that, you would think about what cards to ride or not ride, and what cards to call or not call. The faster that you get in some attacks, the better off you will be in facing off against your opponent. It's lead into two stages for the strategy:

Stage 1: First Few Turns:
  • With riding into Grade 1 unit and Grade 2 unit, spread your formation and open up all 3 power lanes with what you have so far. The more lanes you have open, the more damage you can deal to your opponent, because your opponent will think about one thing: Take the hit or Guard. To think about card advantage this early will follow down the road into whether you win or lose in the cardfight.
Stage 2: Perfect Raizer
  • Facing off against a barrage of attacks in the first two turns, you focus in on getting the soul built up for Perfect Raizer. Perfect Raizer's first effect decreases it to a 9000 Power Vanguard Attacker, but with his second effect, for each Raizer in his soul, he gains 3000 Power during your turn. Also, when you ride into Perfect Raizer, you will pull all Raizers in the Rear Guard Circles into your Soul, so Battle Raizer, Turboraizer, Raizer Custom, and High-Powered Raizer Custom would be put into Soul, if they are within your Rear Guard Circles. The last effect really makes your opponent sting, due to the first few turns, because if they took on too much damage, they would have to deal with guarding Perfect Raizer every single turn, until they die.
Power Lane Construction:
With Power Lane construction, this'll help you help drain your opponent's hand a bit faster if the above strategy fails to work. Normally, the Shields are as follows: 5000, 10000, or 0, dealing with what card is used as a Guardian. When this strategy fails to work, you need to consider the following:
  • What Vanguard they are using? 10000 Power, 11000 Power, or 13000 Power.
  • What cards can I use to construct a Power Lane?
  • How often will this work?
I decided to do a revisit on this deck, not only because I tested this deck further, but also test how it varies, so this was added as a back-up power lane, just in case the strategy doesn't work:

Death Metal Droid + Death Army Guy = 20000 Power Lane
Death Metal Droid + Tough Boy = 21000 Power Lane

Back-up Vanguard: 
In case, you do not get Perfect Raizer, you will need a back-up Vanguard to take the stage, which would be Asura Kaiser in this deck.

Asura Kaiser would be the "Standing all units" type of Vanguard, which will let you push for more damage, and set up Perfect Raizer whenever you have it set-up.

Deck List:

Grade 0:
4x Battleraizer (One of them will be Starting Vanguard)
4x Turboraizer
4x Grapplemania
4x Round Girl, Clara

Grade 1:
4x Death Army Guy
3x Twin Blader
3x Tough Boy
3x Raizer Custom

Grade 2:
4x Death Army Lady
4x High-Powered Raizer Custom
3x NGM Prototype

Grade 3:
4x Perfect Raizer
2x Asura Kaiser
4x Death Metal Droid

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  1. My favorite Nova Grappler archetype/theme!