Monday, June 11, 2012

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Deck Discussion: Perfect Raizer

With Perfect Raizer, 4 Raizer is ideal for his Soul, however, if you fight an opponent that knows that, you would think about what cards to ride or not ride, and what cards to call or not call. The faster that you get in some attacks, the better off you will be in facing off against your opponent. It's lead into two stages for the strategy:

Stage 1: First Few Turns:
  • With riding into Grade 1 unit and Grade 2 unit, spread your formation and open up all 3 power lanes with what you have so far. The more lanes you have open, the more damage you can deal to your opponent, because your opponent will think about one thing: Take the hit or Guard. To think about card advantage this early will follow down the road into whether you win or lose in the cardfight.
Stage 2: Perfect Raizer
  • Facing off against a barrage of attacks in the first two turns, you focus in on getting the soul built up for Perfect Raizer. Perfect Raizer's first effect decreases it to a 9000 Power Vanguard Attacker, but with his second effect, for each Raizer in his soul, he gains 3000 Power during your turn. Also, when you ride into Perfect Raizer, you will pull all Raizers in the Rear Guard Circles into your Soul, so Battle Raizer, Turboraizer, Raizer Custom, and High-Powered Raizer Custom would be put into Soul, if they are within your Rear Guard Circles. The last effect really makes your opponent sting, due to the first few turns, because if they took on too much damage, they would have to deal with guarding Perfect Raizer every single turn, until they die.
Deck List:

Grade 0:
4x Battle Raizer (One of them will be your Starting Vanguard)
4x Turboraizer
4x Three Minutes
4x Round Girl, Clara (or Wall Boy)

Grade 1:
4x Raizer Custom
4x Death Army Guy
3x Tough Boy
3x Twin Blader

Grade 2:
4x High-Powered Raizer Custom
4x Death Army Lady
3x Magician Girl Kirara

Grade 3:
4x Perfect Raizer
3x Miss Splendor
2x Death Metal Droid

If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments, leave a comment.


  1. here's my current build:

    4x every raizer

    4x heal trigg, 4x crit trigg (with uncounterblast effect)

    4x death army guy
    3x twin brader
    3x shout

    2x bouncer
    3x genocide Jack
    3x Death army lady

    3x ashura kaiser
    1x mr invincible

    I'm trying to get 2 kirara in, but am not willing to sacrifice the jacks, will have to see how. instead of draw triggers, i put the crit triggers instead, aiming for the 3hp straight kill, giving your opponent more pressure on guarding. Jacks are pretty awesome with 7 stand triggers in your deck (the 8th being the starting raizer that will definitely not end up in your deck), plus with your 7k boosts they can wreak havoc on decks that run 13k vanguards. Also, as a G2 vanguard, they can tank a few hits and reduce the amount of damage you take at that brief moment. If you need any more reason to run him, your opponent would want to get rid of him asap as a RG, so he can help divert some attacks away from your VG, freing up some valuable hand because you do not have to guardo as much

    Bouncers are good because you will have the spare battleraizer starting vanguard being useless on the field, so you might as well use him to draw a bit of cards. I've tried running 3, but you really do not want to see him most of the time, hence i've cut it down to 2.

    I used to run 2 mr hahaha, but i've cut him down to 1 after drawing too much G3s. He's not that useful either, but not bad if you fail to get 4 raizers in soul by your 3rd turn, and just hope he gets a few in through his soulcharge, before you crossride over to perfect raizer. If you miss by more than 2 raizers by turn 3, you should opt for ashura kaizer, and use his effect to try and stand your G2 raizer, which will deal a whopping 16k attack again, or 22k if you decide to boost with battleraizer. Also works with jack + da.guy for a 2nd 18k atk on your opponent

    the main issue im facing is that the deck is way too unstable, especially since i'm building it slightly different from the other raizer decks that try to draw as much as possible, then die from failing to get what they want or setting it up properly. Im thinking maybe removing mr hahaha and something else, then squeezing in 2 kiraras, but it might be quite stressful on the counterblasts

    1. What I attempted to do with the deck is when I do not have enough of soul for Raizer, I set up a back up Vanguard named Miss Splendor or Death Metal Droid and worked around that. With Miss Splendor, I force my opponent to think twice on setting up interceptors, and make them think twice on how they set up their field. With Death Metal Droid, I can set up a 21000 Power Lane, easily.

      In theory, if I don't get enough Raizers, I try to set it up to have at least 4 Raizers within Soul, if possible. If it's not possible, I'm more likely to use Perfect Raizer as a Rear Guard, and use Miss Splendor or Death Metal Droid as Vanguard.

  2. you shouldn't feel shy to double-ride over perfect raizer with perfect raizer to get more souls, but do be prepared for the sudden drop in cards. If nothing goes wrong, your perfect raizer's attacks should always be directed at your opponent's VG.

    should you fail to get at least 3 raizers into your soul by turn 3, you should opt to play ashura kaiser instead, and use the raizers for support. With your G2 raiser standing again at 16k atk, it's not funny to be on the receiving end of it. Just make sure to attack with him before your AK does, so you can abuse it properly, especially with the crit triggers included in the deck, or with the genocide jack + da.guy combo on the other lane

    1. Same thing can be said by setting up a Death Army lane, as well. It's not fun to be at the receiving end of that attack. In another post, I will have a Deck Discussion about Asura Kaiser, but for now, this post is focused solely on Perfect Raizer.

  3. Given your build, you may want to consider gold rutile instead of ms splendor or dmd, so you can farm off kiraras and G2 raizers.

    If you miss getting a perfect perfect raizer with at least 4 raizer soul, you should focus on your backup vg instead of wasting turns and hand trying to set it up anymore. Luckily, the entire raizer series is pretty amazing as support with their relatively high power and ability to recycle stand triggers

    1. I may consider it; however, I've been doing fine with this build, currently. Miss Splendor seems to be the choice for back-up Vanguard, because it'll cause your opponent to intercept when they do not want to.

      I agree with the second paragraph, but if I focus in on a back-up Vanguard, I would choose one that I would typically have as a Rear Guard attacker as a Vanguard attacker, and not worry to much about the set-up anymore.

  4. How much does perfect raizer cost? And how to check market price of cards

    1. Sometimes, what I do is check E-bay under completed listings. Right now, currently, I saw Perfect Raizer sold at $16.99