Friday, June 15, 2012

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Deck Discussion: Vajra Emperor, Indra

For this strategy, it's the same strategy as Perfect Raizer, but the power lanes are going to be more powered and the strategy will be more dependant on Stand Triggers.

With attacking your opponent, it'll be split into a three-part strategy:
  • First turn that you can attack, set-up immediately the three power lanes, if possible. For Photon Bomber Wyvern, put it behind Vanguard near immediately, because once your opponent gets up there in damage, you will gain more boosted power from that card; however, since it only boosts the Vanguard lane, you would have to make the Vanguard attack count as much as you can.
  • Second turn, set-up the power lanes to be much stronger than Turn 1, if possible.
  • Remainder of game, you'll have Vajra Emperor, Indra to work with you, and granting you a Critical boost, if you have more than 1 Indra in your Rear Guard Circle. If your opponent focuses in on sending the Rear Guard Vajra Emperor, Indra into your Drop Zone, you move Vajra Emperor, Indra to the back, and focus in on redefining the 3 lanes a bit more. 
Deck List:

Grade 0:
4x Malevolent Djinn
4x Yellow Gem Carbuncle
4x Zephyr Kid, Hayate
4x Demonic Dragon Nymph, Seiobo
Spark Kid Dragoon (Starting Vanguard)

Grade 1:
4x Photon Bomber Wyvern
4x Djinn of the Lightning Spark
3x Red River Dragoon
3x Wyvern Guard Guld

Grade 2:
4x Djinn of the Lightning Flare
4x Bright Lance Dragoon
3x Desert Gunner, Shiden

Grade 3:
4x Vajra Emperor, Indra
4x Djinn of the Lightning Flash

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