Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Deck Discussion: Stern Blaukruger

The main strategy is to Chain Ride into Stern Blaukruger. The easiest way to get through to the Chain Ride process is to search through your entire deck for another component, hence Beast Deity, Azure Dragon became a necessary part for a Stern Blaukruger deck. Even when you already have Stern Blaukruger as your Vanguard, once you activate the ability, you can discard 2 Beast Deity, Azure Dragon to stand the VG Power Lane and attack again.

The reason why you search out for Beast Deity, Azure Dragon is to dump for Blaupanzer, and you can use it as an additional card when you can discard it for Stern Blaukruger, where you reduce the cost of what you need by whatever you search out from your Deck.

Also, it is ideal to Chain Ride successfully each time you play this deck.

Deck List:

Grade 0:
4x Shining Lady
4x The Gong
4x Three Minutes
4x Wall Boy (or Ring Girl, Clara)
Blaujunger (Starting Vanguard)

Grade 1:
4x Blaupanzer
4x Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird
3x Dancing Wolf
3x Twin Blader

Grade 2:
4x Blaukruger
4x Beast Deity, Black Tortoise
3x NGM Prototype

Grade 3:
4x Stern Blaukruger
4x Beast Deity, Azure Dragon

If you have any questions, thoughts, or comments, leave a comment.


  1. Nice idea, but i think having the 3 NGM's might be to much, since if your dumping azure(s), the rest of your front row is going to be 8-9k which won't really have much of an impact against 10k vanguards, especially without any boosters.
    I would recommend at least throwing in some king of swords so at least if you don't have boosts, you can still hit and force cards from the opponent.

    1. If I go with Brutal Jack, would it be more worth it instead of King of Swords?

      Just curious, if I decide to replace NGM Prototype.

  2. No... You have to save your counter blasts for stern

    1. What else would I use the counter blasts for? o.o

  3. Try eisenkugal when it attacks it gains 2k but u have to have stern and VG or blaukruger because if u don't it will lose 5k per but that rarely happens