Friday, June 17, 2011

Alright, currently...

...I've been trying to figure out what order I should do the posts. It's not that often where I'm not sure on what to do, until I decided to look towards the clans.

If I decide to do the hybrid before the Game Analysis, I will never get it done and shown, because if I go into hybrids, I will have 20 to 30 posts on all the possible combinations that you can do. Anyway, so here's the order I'm going to post and show you.
  • Strategy - Royal Paladins
  • Strategy - Kagero
  • Strategy - Oracle Think Tank
  • Strategy - Nova Grappler
  • Strategy - Grand Blue
  • (Any other clans that are completed by an upcoming set, then the strategy of them will come before the Game Analysis and Game Tutorial)
  • Game Analysis
  • Game Tutorial
  • Hybrid Strategies - (Insert 2 clan names here)
Anyway, just letting you guys know what I'm planning. This list is to give you an idea on what to expect shown in order, but I may adjust the order to what I need more time on.

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