Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something I noticed...

Internet link that sparked this:

Whenever I notice around an online Yu-gi-oh! game where nothing is at stake, and everyone gets in for free, would they'll be people that understand the meaning of the words "competitive" and "casual". Just an annoying irk when I notice inside an online Yu-gi-oh! tournament, and it literally becomes a net-decking spree that everyone would push for the decks that they want most, and what they want least.

I am one of those players, that likes to switch between competitive and casual, but when people decide to go "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, THIS DECK SUCKS.", that's when it irritates me to no end, even when they didn't look at your deck. It's one thing that I want to test decks in tourneys. It's another thing when you know that people play with the decks that want them to "win" and "have fun". Man, it becomes ridiculous, and not worth it.

Now, you know that I make Yu-gi-oh! creations, but when I try to submit one of them to represent what somewhat resembles an icon, one of those idiots told me to weaken it, because someone was going to abuse it. Honestly, I can care less if they get abused. It just means, that someone's actually getting a use out of them, without my efforts going to waste. I shouldn't get the ridicule get to me, but yeah, it becomes ridiculous when people like that exist.

Now, let me ask you this: If I can't relax under good conditions of dueling because we all know that real life can bring a meteor down on our shoulders, should I pick out my opponents instead and try to have fun that way with creations? Or, should I stop caring in general, breakdown, and use what everyone else uses? Personally, I want to have fun, but at the same time, show people that they can be competitive in any situation. But with loud mouth players, it gets harder and harder each day...

Sorry about breaking down into a rant. I needed to relieve some stress that was overflowing and nothing more. Regardless, I'll continue to build decks and be creative, but at the same time, try to be competitive as much as possible. Hopefully, you have a nice day.

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