Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Duel Puzzle #1

Your Life Points: 100 Life Points
Your opponent's Life Points: 8000 Life Points

On your side of the Field, you have...
A face-down Defense Position monster (Old Vindictive Magician)
A face-down Spell and Trap Card (Magic Jammer)

On your opponent's side of the Field, you have:
A Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon in ATK position.
A face-down Spell and Trap Card (De-Fusion) and a face-up Royal Decree.

You have no Graveyard.

In your opponent's Graveyard, you have the following:
- Blue-Eyes White Dragon
- Blue-Eyes White Dragon
- Blue-Eyes White Dragon
- Polymerization
- Shining Angel
- Shining Angel
- Shining Angel
- Kaibaman

In your Hand, you have the following:
- Breaker the Magical Warrior
- Hidden Armory
- Monster Reborn
- Black Rose Witch
- Mist Valley Soldier
- Hand Destruction

In your opponent's hand, you have the following:
- Honest
- Nova Summoner
- Pot of Avarice
- Cyber Dragon
- The Light-Hex Sealed Fusion

The next two cards off the top of your Deck are: Pot of Duality and Torrential Tribute

It's your Main Phase. Bring your opponent's Life Points to 0. You have to win this turn. You can use whatever Synchro that is still legal in this puzzle and whatever card that you milled or card that you get from Arms Hole that is still legal in this puzzle.


Yes, I started off with an easy puzzle for you all, since I want to get use to making these puzzles. Hopefully, I can make them more harder in the future. Leave a comment if you want to leave an answer for the puzzle. Other than that, enjoy!

EDIT: There's at least 2 answers to this Puzzle. Have fun.

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