Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gemknight Turbo

A small update: I figured out that the Anonymous thing didn't work, and one of my friends told me that it was disabled. Regardless, I fixed that so that anyone can comment.

Regardless, enjoy Gemknight Turbo:

3x Gemknight Ganet
3x Gemknight Rumarin
3x Gemknight Sapphia
3x Gemknight Alexand
3x Gemknight Emeral
3x Gemresis
3x AD Changer
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
3x Magical Merchant
Morphing Jar
Necro Gardna
3x Shield Warrior

Card Destruction
3x Gemknight Fusion
Monster Reborn
3x Pot of Avarice

Call of the Haunted

Extra Deck

3x Gemknight Aquamarina
3x Gemknight Paz
3x Gemknight Rubys

If you need further explanation, let me know. Regardless, enjoy! Rate, fix, comment, or discuss.

EDIT: Small edit, because it was pointless to run 3 Giant Rats, in my opinion.

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