Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yu-gi-oh! Testing Deck Discussion - Testing Phase 2

Aliens: It passed Testing Phase 1, and still continued to do well in Testing Phase 2.

Uriasworn: It passed Testing Phase 2, because the blend it had continued to wreck through everything in its path. It made me very pleased when it was able to get over some stuff that it couldn't before when it had 2 versions of a Continuous Trap Card for Lightsworns. Also with Uria summoning, to reduce the cost of how much resources you lose in comparison to your opponent, you can use Safe Zone as a sacrifice, and you can have it send your opponent's monsters to the Graveyard, when Safe Zone is sacrificed for the summoning of Uria.

Worms: It's doing much better than before, where it get stopped by a Spell and Trap card that instantly rejected what I was going to do, then I didn't have a back-up plan due to that. I'm going to wait until after March 1st to retest this deck a bit.

Anyway, I'll mention this: I have a typical habit of testing the flow of these decks on Dueling Network, which I get a good idea on how it flows and on how it does in the long run. Anyway, I've decided to work on a Dark World variant for March 1st, just in case asking the question: "What would you do when you face off against certain Tier 1 decks that you can't immediately get around and fight them?"

Anyway, I decided to wrap up deck-building for this blog at the end of this month, which leaves the last post wondering "What will it be talking about?" I will be explaining how to schedule posts, because it wouldn't be fair if I didn't tell you how to do it, when I'm doing it right in front of you. Anyway, enjoy!

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