Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scheduling Posts and Thoughts/Questions

I've decided to schedule a bunch of posts ahead of time, at least for some months, so that I can focus in on other things; however, I don't think people realize how to schedule posts on Blogger, so I'll point it out:

Under "Post Settings", there's a Schedule Button. Click it, and it drops down that area into 2 areas you can check off. Check off "Set date and time", and it'll show a calender where you can click on whatever date you like and whatever time you like. Afterwards, click "Done" to finish scheduling the post date and when it will be posted on your blog.

For the new decks that I'll start working on when the new ban list is revealed, I want to ask you this question: "For Dark Worlds, which Field Spell would you prefer?" (Both card images came from Yu-gi-oh! Wikia.)


Why am I asking this? In the current meta, I decided to think outside of the box, and come up with a new tactical plan. The problem is this: "If I'm going to need discards, I would consider an option where it doesn't force you to set anything to "set up your play"." The next question would be the same for the Field Spells, but this time, it would be the most preferred: "For a discard effect to use Dark World, which one out of the two cards shown below would you pick?"


More will be discussed in February.

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  1. Dragged Down is the more disruptive card. Necrovalley thanks to Royal Tribute access can be quite deadly and very disruptive which is something Dark Worlds strive for. As they go for the advantage gain of Snoww and Broww and Grapha they have no way to prevent your opponent from regaining their advantage but Necrovalley at the cost of Consistency in discards allows for more murder.