Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yu-gi-oh! Testing Deck Discussion - Aliens, Worms, and Uriasworn - Phase 1

Alright, now that I have tested these decks out, I'll be making these fixes:

Uriasworn: I need a new Trap line-up. Through the testing and that, I find out that I rarely used any of the traps, minus Vanity's Emptiness. Vanity's Emptiness, on it's own, is good to face off against certain decks for a turn before losing it due to Lightsworn effects. It's kinda like how people use Solemn Warning to negate summons, except with Vanity's Emptiness, if they can't swarm, and if you have a strong monster on your Field, they can't really do anything except to get a destruction card from their deck, and even then, they wouldn't have much time to get said card; hence why Vanity's Emptiness is a good side deck card, and a good main deck card in Uriasworn.

Worms: I need more Spell and Trap destruction, because the majority of the time, I'm prevented to keep a monster on the field for more than a turn, while my opponent smacks me senseless, so I have to most likely revamp the Spell and Trap section for more destruction capabilities.

Aliens: Overall, they did fine, but I have a feeling that I may have to redo part of the Extra Deck to get more variety.

All 3 Decks: I will most likely make a side deck for each of them, so I'll be doing a side deck discussion for each build. I will most likely have that discussion after the revision of each build.

Anyway, thoughts and comments. Discuss.

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