Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yu-gi-oh! Deck Explanation - Space-Time Police

There are two main strategies to this deck: Getting out a Rank 5 Xyz or Rank 3 Xyz; however, there are some problems with this deck. First off, the strategies are simple:
  • Teleport: Use in combination with a monster card to get a Rank 3 or Rank 5 Xyz monster onto your Field
    • Main Problem: It becomes a necessity for this card to be in this deck, which means, at times, it can be a dead card at times, not to mention “Paying 800 Life Points” is not favorable in this format.
  • Overdrive Teleporter: Use to quickly get a Rank 3 Xyz monster onto your Field
    • Main Problem: Paying Life Points this format is terrible, and this format more depends on keeping every single Life Point and making sure your "backrow" comes from your Hand.
  • Brain Hazard: Use in combination with Psi-Beast to get a Rank 3 or Rank 5 Xyz monster onto your Field
    • Main Problem: Too many cards used in this combination, leaving you at a disadvantage. The advantage is that majority of the Rank 5 Xyzs try to balance it out by destroying stuff on your opponent’s Field.
The main problem I came across while testing is when my opponent decides to wreck my field, I have no back-up plan…at all. I may work on this a bit more to fix the main problem(s) in this deck. Thoughts, comments, discuss, and suggestions. Anyway, enjoy!


Looks like I'll keep this one. Anyway, thank you for voting. (No comments were submitted, so there's not much to talk about there.)


  1. Actually I'm trying the same deck, but my build is too different so I wasn't sure that my opinion could be useful to you.

    I only play 1 space time and 1 psi-beast. Sure they are both great cards, but they are hard to use.

    Btw you should try enemy controller, so you will send cleric and silent to the grave and steal a monster. Most of the time you will be able to make a syncro summon. (you should add some syncros in your extra)

  2. @ Eh_Chavo

    I'll probably be redoing the entire deck, so suggestions are still welcome.

    Part of me thinks Enemy Controller is not really worth it in this format though. Thanks for the suggestion.

    As for making Space-Time Police at Psi-Beast at 1, I may be testing a few things and adjust it as I go.

  3. I see enemy controller like an staple here, in the same way it is on frog monarch

  4. @ Eh_Chavo

    Mmm...I'll give it a test run then, and see if it runs well.

  5. My build was heavily different but then again even though I ran a lot of Space-Time Police (3 and 3 Psi Beast) I still ran it like standard Psychics just with Brain Hazard and Call of the Haunted.

  6. @ Yuginshin

    Yeah, it's a lot different than a standard Psychic build due to lack of Tuners in the Main Deck, hence why I didn't add any Synchros in the Extra Deck.