Friday, October 21, 2011

Small Update

In accordance to the holiday season coming up (in December), the majority of the posts will be pushed towards Cardfight!! Vanguard, but I'll try to splash in some Yu-gi-oh! posts.

I do not know in what order it'll be or how many posts I'll make of each clan, but here's the clans I'm going to cover over that time span:
  • Royal Paladin
  • Kagero
  • Oracle Think Tank
  • Nova Grappler
  • Grand Blue
  • Spike Brothers
  • Pale Moon
  • Tachikaze
  • Dark Irregulars
  • Shadow Paladins (when they are completed in Pack Set 4)
  • Dimensional Police (when they are completed in Pack Set 4)
I'm not sure if Megacolony is a part of the group that is getting a full clan set in Pack Set 4, but if it is, it'll get a post or posts.


On the Yu-gi-oh! side of things, there's a few things that I'm going to be taking care of:
  • Crystal Beasts
    • I'm still going to be testing through them, and seeing if there's any more better outs. Right now, I'm doubting the use of Rare Value in the deck itself. If there is a complete revision (again), I'll post it.
  • Ninjas
    • Started using this deck recently. I'll make a post about it at a later date.

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