Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Strategies II - Kagero - Part 2

Picking out a Grade 0 Vanguard:
Pick Amber Dragon, Dawn for this strategy. More will be explained later in the Basic Strategy.

Basic Strategy:

There are four cards that you would be using as Vanguard immediately: Amber Dragon, DawnAmber Dragon, Daylight, Amber Dragon, Dusk, and Amber Dragon, Eclipse. If you ride Amber Dragon, Daylight on top of Amber Dragon, Dawn, you get Amber Dragon, Dusk in your Hand. The hardest part is riding to Amber Dragon Daylight and Amber Dragon, Eclipse. If you do not get those two, then this strategy becomes null and void, which means, you would need a Second Strategy for this deck.

Alternative Strategy:
The second strategy would be Superior Riding into Embodiment of Victory, Aleph. Since there’s no Lizard Soldier Conroe in this deck, the odds of getting the pieces in hand are slim, but with the help of Dragon Monk Gojo, the odds increased a bit. What you need to Superior Ride into Embodiment of Victory, Aleph is:

Sample Deck List:

Grade 0:

Grade 1:

Grade 2:

Grade 3:
2x Dragonic Overlord


As a side note, I found out that the Cardfight Vanguard Wikidot moved to a different site altogether, so the hyperlinks in all the old posts before this one have the old link to it. As a result, I'll be fixing up those posts, as much as I can, as quickly as I can. The new site is linked here: http://vanguardtcg.wiki.fc2.com/.

Anyway, enjoy!


  1. Well, the old site is back now....

  2. @ Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Hi Ryu Kuze, really like this blog you set up, and the decks you listed so far, it helped me learnt this game and it is still a place of inspiration I come to when thinking through about the new decks I am creating. After trying a few clans, I decided to stay with Kagero. And since I am also playing Kagero’s new Amber series, I like to share my thoughts here too, this are just my opinions, they are debatable, I hope they mean nothing offensive, just sharing views for the benefit of our knowledge and for good friendly chit chat :)
    IMO, in short, the Amber series cannot be fully optimized (still playable but not optimized) without Heat Nail Salamanders and the upcoming Bellicosity Dragon. From my experience, two things that matter a lot in tcg are recursion and card advantage. Heat Nails provide card advantage by creating card disadvantage for the opponent, Belli provides recursion. Amber Eclipse’s ability, as we all know is a nice reasonably cheap 2 cblast cost for the chance to retire any 2 rearguards. It is obvious that its weakness is the upfront information you give away, by cblasting for 2 outright is telling your opponent that you will be using Eclipse’s ability, it is obvious to the opponent that he/she must logically guard, unlike overlord without power bonus, it is not difficult to guard out eclipse and waste his activated ability, even with power boost, all it takes is a negator and a discard. Heat Nails act as a constant threat to remove the opponent’s support, thereby indirectly forcing the opponent to guard against it every turn until it resolves or it is retired, this also means that Heat Nails serve to deplete the opponent’s handsize to pluck away the defense and open the way for eclipse to land his ability. Bellicosity gives good recursion, 2 cost cblast is not that much, if they can be unflipped and recycled, it is undeniably threatening. Combining the two well with Amber would possibly even mean that your opponent may have to guard every single attack if you are lucky to get your formation perfectly right, or risk losing almost all their support, and it is all recurring, Heat Nails return to deck, Beli unflips for more cards to feed Eclipse. Therefore, my view is that the amber series pillars of power IMO truly rests on Heat Nail and Beli, and they are necessary to optimize Eclipse’s effectiveness  Hope that this is somewhat an insightful sharing. Cheerios.

  4. Why dont you link the cards to cardfight wikia. Thats a much better site IMO

  5. @ Anonymous

    Because in Cardfight Wikidot, there's a link to where you can have all the hyperlinks to each of the cards themselves, and it doesn't take that much time for me to hyperlink all the card names I put in the Strategy Guide I put up.

  6. Im a Kagero enthusiast myself and i thought about what SilverGintoki said heres what I came up with for a decklist. Comment and tell me what ya think

    Amber Dragon Dawn
    Blue-Ray Dracokid x3
    Embodiment of Spear Tahr x3
    Gattling Claw Dragon x3
    Flame-Seed Salamander x3
    Dragon Monk Genjo x4

    Amber Dragon Daylight x4
    Embodiment of Armor Bahr x4
    Heat-Nail Salamander x3
    Wyvern Guard Barri x3

    Amber Dragon Dusk x3
    Lava Arm Dragon x3
    Bellicosity Dragon x3
    Dragon Knight Nehalem x3

    Amber Dragon Eclipse x4
    Dragonic Lawkeeper x3

    1. Sounds pretty solid. How has it tested?